Wondering How To Clean Your Kitchen Sink? Blanco Know How

Tips For Daily Sink Cleaning

Cleaning a kitchen sink is an everyday task that many undertake by simply squirting bleach or any other cleaning fluid mixed with water and wiped down with a cloth. While this method will kill the majority of everyday household germs it is not always the best method to take proper care of your kitchen sink. After being asked by a customer how to get rid of slight marks from their sink, we decided to investigate the best ways to clean a Stainless Steel kitchen sink. We scoured many old wives tales, so called “expert” findings and many more sources before finally looking at advice from one of our own suppliers, Blanco. Sinks can be an expensive purchase and will last for many years serving the house well and because of this they need to be protected so check out the advice below and portect your sink for years to come.

Remove Everyday Stains From A Sink

Use a cream cleanser such as ‘Cif’ with a soft cloth to remove standard, everyday stains from Tea and grease. Cream cleaners will also remove limescale that builds up over the course of a day however thicker layers may require a more specialised cleaner and remember after every clean give the sink a good rinse.

How To Remove Scratch Marks, Brown Spots and Rust Marks

Scratch marks will appear on the sink after everyday use however these may fade overtime and can be treated with a Stainless Steel cleaner such as ‘Bar Keepers Friend which can be found at many supermarkets. Your Stainless Steel sink will not rust however if harmful particles are left on the sink for a long time the sink may give the impression of rust. Again these marks can be removed using a Stainless Steel cleaner.

Care must always be taken when cleaning any Stainless Steel kitchen sink and you must never let mortar, plaster, concrete, cement, grout, acids and undiluted bleach come into contact with your sink in order to protect it.

Alistair Ward

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