Why Buy A Baumatic Wine Cooler?

Rise Of Kitchen Wine Coolers In The UK

Wine Coolers are an increasingly popular appliance to be installed in the kitchen with more and more being bought every month. Wine has always been drunk in the home but not always stored correctly. Over the last 10 years more of us have taken an interest in wine and it is for this reason we want to keep the wine stored at its optimum in order to not spoil the flavours. Choosing a Wine Cooler can be a difficult decision with many features, functions and designs to be agonised over in order to complete your kitchen whilst ensuring your wine is drinkable when opened. It is for this reason we have decided to take a closer look at the range Baumatic Wine Coolers before you buy.

Baumatic manufacture a wide-range of kitchen appliances and so have a vast knowledge of what goes into making a durable appliance that is fitted with impressive technology that will fit the design and functionality of any kitchen. The company has used this experience to present a range of Wine Coolers that will store Wine perfectly so that first sip after uncorking is perfect. Baumatic offer a wine cooler for every household, from storing 92 bottles to just 7, you’ll be able to find the one that suits you.

Baumatic Wine Coolers Feature Advanced Technology

Your wine will also be kept at the perfect temperature because of the controllable temperature zones that allow you to set the correct storage atmosphere depending on the particular wine. Choose one of the models such as the BWC614SS or the BWC600SS and you can take advantage of dual zones and because you can set different temperatures for each zone, you can store red wine in one and white in the other. Your wine will rest neatly on either wooden or chrome shelves depending on the model to look stylish but also prevent the tannins from spoiling. You’ll be able to see the internal temperature and adjust accordingly because of the LED display that is simple to control meanwhile you won’t notice the wine cooler is on as the majority are Quiet Operation. The advanced technology is matched by the stunning design with a mix of Stainless Steel and Black Glass that will really make a statement in your kitchen. Now you’ve read why to buy a Baumatic Wine Cooler take a look at their extensive range in our Built In Wine Coolers and Free Standing Wine Coolers sections. When you find one you like give us a call on 0844 576 5000 to find out about our UK delivery times.

Alistair Ward

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