What Makes Caple Purity Water Filter Kitchen Taps Different From The Rest

Health experts are continually exclaiming the benefits of drinking more and more water however the main complaint is that tap water never tastes that nice. The best way to solve this is to install a Water Filter Kitchen Tap so you can enjoy fantastic tasting water with any impurities filtered out. Some of the best examples of these types of taps are the Caple Purity Water Filter Kitchen Taps that provide a wide range of styles and designs allowing you to choose the perfect tap for your home.

Stunning Kitchen Tap Designs Matched With Modern Technology

The Caple Purity Water Filter Taps have been designed to look like any other kitchen tap with the addition of a filtration system hidden underneath the work surface. The Purity taps feature either dual levers, with the filtered water controlled by the cold tap, or three levers, whereby the third lever is specifically for control of the filtered water. You have a choice of brilliant Chrome finish just like on the Atmore or Natick Purity Kitchen Taps, or the durable Stainless Steel of the Dalton or Vale Purity Kitchen Taps. If you are looking to make a style statement then choose the Layton Purity Kitchen Tap in Stainless Steel that features a slim swan neck spout and a single lever specifically for filtered water only. These taps are available on a range of water systems with the Atmore and Natick Purity Taps requiring a minimum 0.1 water pressure, while the Dalton and Vale Purity taps require a minimum 0.5 bar pressure.

How Caple Water Filter Kitchen Taps Work

The Water Filter Kitchen Taps work by diverting the cold water through a separate pipe through the water filter cartridge which filters out nearly all the chlorine as well as bacteria, heavy metals, rust and pesticides making for a much safer drinking water for you and your family. The Water Filter Cartridge usually lasts six months and is housed in a unit underneath the sink for easy access for when it needs changing.

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