Our Top 5 Ovens To Make A Perfect Roast

We’ve been busy debating over which of our ovens would make it onto the list for our Top 5 Ovens For A Perfect Roast. We have an abundance of fantastic ovens at Appliance House so this wasn’t an easy task!

Finally, after much deliberation, we bring you our pick of the bunch. The list is in no particular order, with any one of these ovens you can be confident you’ll be creating a roast dinner fit for a King. Not only that, you’ll be baking cakes worthy of winning star baker on the Great British Bake Off too as each of the ovens below are packed full of clever technology making them pretty amazing at cooking, baking and in some cases steaming, anything and everything.

Caple, C2901, Built In Single Oven.

C2901 95 LItre Oven

With a whopping 95 Litre capacity and 13 cooking functions you’ll have more than enough space to cook a roast with all the trimmings. Complete with two sets of telescopic fully extendable runners, the shelves glide out effortlessly and safely making it easier to check food during cooking. We love the fact this oven has a rotisserie function too allowing you to cook a succulent chicken or roast with ease. Meat cooked with this function stays beautifully moist as the meat bastes in it’s own juices as it turns.

Designed with self-cleaning catalytic liners on the back and sides plus an easy to wipe clean enamel interior liner it is really easy to keep the Caple C2901 Built In Oven sparkling clean.

A superb, sleek oven choice complete with an impressive rotisserie function and extra large cavity; The Caple C2901 Built In Oven

AEG, BSK574221M, Built In Single Steam Oven.

This steam oven from AEG is very special indeed with a large 72 litre cavity and a fantastic steam crisp function. Thanks to the preserving nature of steam, food cooked in the BSK574221M oven is full of flavour. Food is juicy and succulent on the inside whilst also being crisp and golden on the outside.

Complete with an electronic food probe providing accurate temperatures you can be sure every roast is cooked to perfection time and time again. Once the internal temperature is achieved the oven will also switch off automatically to ensure perfect cooking results.

We know cooking joints of meat can often cause a build up of grease inside the oven but with the pyrolytic cleaning function found within this model you need not worry. Pyrolytic cleaning is the ultimate in self-cleaning power and convenience, providing a completely safe and cost effective cleaning method, ideal for those who cook regularly but really dislike cleaning their ovens! No one really enjoys that task, do they?!

A top of the range pyrolytic self cleaning, steam oven complete with an electronic meat probe; The AEG BSK574221M Steam Oven

Whirlpool, AKZM6550/IXL, Built In Single Oven

With a super efficient A+ energy rating, a large 73 litre capacity  and over 20 cooking functions and 30 automatic programmes we could not leave the Whirlpool, AKZM6550/IXL off our list for our pick of the top 5 ovens to make the perfect roast.

The Whirlpool’s 6th sense function will automatically adjust and monitor the temperature and time settings throughout the cooking process to create perfectly cooked dishes with minimal effort. Simply choose one of the pre-set recipes and leave your oven to do the rest. Genius!

We love the Ready To Cook function too. Thanks to the powerful convection system of the Ready to Cook function you can pop your food in the oven without any need to pre-heat. What a great function for those who rush in from work and need to get a meal on the table as quickly as possible!

The Whirlpool AKZM6550/IXL also features Cook3 technology which allows you to cook up to three dishes at the same time without flavours and aromas mixing which is great when cooking a full roast dinner alongside a tasty pudding too! This oven is really easy to use, the shelves slide softly open for ease and the full touch control LCD interface is clear and so simple to use.

A stylish oven, packed with the latest in cooking technology for quicker more accurate cooking experience; The Whirlpool, AKZM6550/IXL

AEG, BPK642020M, Sense Cook Built In Single Oven

Complete with an electronic food probe sensor you can control and create dishes perfectly suited to your taste buds without even opening the oven door. Once the desired temperature is reached the oven will switch itself off. If you like your meat rare, medium or well done or you plan to bake sweet fondant desserts with gooey middles it can be done like a pro in the AEG, BPK642020M.

For those who love to host dinner parties with friends the 71 litre oven cavity ensures there is ample room to cook big meals and the pyrolytic liners means its easy to clean too. We’re impressed with the neat electronic touch control panel as it is very easy to use making the oven a dream to operate, even for those who are not in the least bit tech savvy!

An internal light has been specially designed to sit at the front of the oven at a precise angle, from here it shines directly onto the food eliminating the need to open the door to check the food during cooking, ideal for when you plan to bake. The fan controlled defrost setting is also another great feature which defrosts food efficiently and hygienically in less that half the usual time, perfect for defrosting cream cakes and delicate items

A stylish, simple to use touch control oven featuring advanced electronic food sensors; The AEG, BPK642020M.

Electrolux, EOC5851FAX, Built In Single OvenElectrolux Built In Single Oven

With a 74 litre cavity this is the 2nd largest capacity oven on our list. It boasts an A+ energy rating and comes packed with a number of really useful cook functions. Whether you enjoy a roast that is rare, well done or something in between you will have no problem cooking joints of meat to your requirements as the oven has been expertly engineered to include a food probe sensor which allows you to cook with ease and precision. When using the food probe, once the dish is cooked to your liking it will also automatically switch off the oven too.

It is really easy to keep the EOC5851FAX Electrolux oven clean as it has been built with a filter that, on command, will eliminate grease odours from the cavity to keep it smelling fresh even after cooking sizzling sausages or a roasted duck. The pyrolytic cleaning function makes cleaning as simple as possible too as it turns any food debris inside the oven into ash which can be wiped clean with ease.

The stylish touch and icon display is easy to use and has sufficient storage for 20 personal settings plus you can choose from a huge 90 pre-set cooking programmes to make your cooking experience even easier! Complete with an Ultrafan heating system, no matter where you place your food inside the oven you can be confident the dish will be cooked perfectly and evenly all over, this function also allows you to cook sweet and savoury dishes together without the risk of flavours transferring. Cakes will rise and brown evenly and cheese topped savoury dishes with burnt patches will be a thing of the past.

The EOC5851FAX Electrolux Oven also provides Turbo grilling which combines a grill and fan for a spit roast effect this means food is cooked beautifully with a succulent inner and golden, crispy outer.

An outstanding multi functional A+ pyrolytic oven with food probe; The Electrolux, EOC5851FAX Built In Single Oven

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So there you have it, our top 5 ovens that will cook perfect roast dinners and all the trimmings with ease.

If you would like any further information on any of the products listed above please feel free to call one of our helpful team at Appliance House on 0330 002 0229. We’re always happy to help.


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