The World’s First Lift & Load Dishwasher!

The unique AEG FSK63807P Built In Dishwasher has a whole host of features to make light work of cleaning dirty dishes. It not only cleans dishes to perfection but it also features ComfortLift technology which means this AEG dishwasher is the first ever appliance to feature a lift and load dishwasher basket. It has an impressive D energy rating too (this is based on the new energy labels for 2021), making this dishwasher a great choice all round!

ComfortLift technology revolutionises the way you load and unload the dishes. This new technology allows you to lift the lower dishwasher rack up to a comfortable height to make loading and unloading easy. Once full, the rack can be moved back down into position with minimal effort.

Pans and large serving dishes can be loaded into the lower rack thanks to foldable plate racks. By folding away the plate supports you can make space for awkward or larger than average dishes. The dishwasher also features a height adjustable upper basket so you can simply raise a fully loaded upper basket, should you need to.

Loading the dishes is not the only thing AEG designers have made easier! The AEG FSK63807P Built In Dishwasher also features a cutlery tray so loading utensils is effortless too. The cutlery tray sits neatly at the top of the dishwasher. This drawer system eliminates the need for a cutlery basket and therefore helps to create more loading space.

With up to 13 place settings, this dishwasher has more than enough room and setting to cater for all the family.  If you don’t have a full load, that’s no problem! This clever dishwasher can detect whether the dishwasher is at full capacity. If not, using Auto Half Load, it will adjust the water and energy consumption automatically. How? It’s all down to Sensorlogic technology!

This Sensorlogic AEG dishwasher has unique sensors inside the dishwasher. These sensors measure the size of the load and monitor how dirty the dishes are. It is capable of adjusting the performance to ensure the best, most energy efficient programme is selected. It uses just the right amount of water, electricity and detergent for the job in hand to keep energy consumption low.

With 4 temperature settings and 7 programmes on offer this dishwasher is capable of a quick rinse or powerful 60°C wash for heavier soiled items. The QuickSelect slider control panel makes it easier than ever to choose the cycle time you need and extra treatments can be selected via the touch control panel. Complete with delay start you can set this dishwasher to start at any time within a 24 hour time frame. This feature means you can take advantage of low peak energy tariffs.

You can expect to experience perfectly dry crockery, pots and pans at the end of the cycle thanks to AirDry technology. With this technology, the appliance door opens automatically during the drying phase and remains ajar. AirDry improves the drying results as fresh air is able to circulate around the cavity to perfectly dry the items. This ensures plastic dishes and re-useable bottles will be dry and remain free from water droplets, a frustrating issue, commonly experienced when washing plastic wear!

Should you have any further questions about the AEG FSK63807P Integrated Dishwasher please call us on 0330 022 0229.

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