The Last Remaining Carron Phoenix Sienna Ceramic Sinks Exclusive To Appliance House

Quality Ceramic Sinks At Sale Prices

We’ve had a huge amount of interest in the Rustica Ceramic Sinks and we’ve finally run out of stock, however we are delighted to announce you can now buy the Carron Phoenix Sienna 100 and 150 Ceramic Sinks exclusively from Appliance House. No other internet retailer has these sinks making these beautifully crafted ceramic sinks a unique addition to our catalogue. We’ve managed to get these sinks at a low price meaning you can buy both at a discounted price. For those of you that are looking for a sink with superior manufacturing and a classic style all at a low price these sinks will be ideal.

Fantastic Features Make These Ceramic Sinks Ideal For Any Kitchen

The Carron Phoenix Sienna 100 Ceramic Sink is single bowl and is to be fitted as an inset sink is available at only £145. With a width of 1015mm, you’ll love the large bowl and robust drainer designed so you can drip-dry a family-load of plates after washing. The Carron Phoenix Sienna 150 Ceramic Sink is a bowl and a half sink so offers further flexibility with a drainer bowl for ease of use whilst washing up and is available for £149.

Both of these Carron Phoenix Ceramic Sinks offer reversible drainer handling and come with 2 half-cut tap holes that require tapping out when fitted in a worktop. Both these ceramic sinks require a minimum base unit of 600mm and come complete with waste and plumbing kits meaning you’ll only need a tap when fitting.

Alistair Ward

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