The Franke Omni 4-in-1 Boiling Water Tap Range.

The Frankie Omni range of 4 in 1 taps provide the ultimate convenience. Not only do these taps deliver instant 100°C filtered boiling water, they also dispense hot, cold and great tasting filtered water too, all from one spout!

Within the Omni 4 in 1 tap range you will have no problem finding a model to suit your lifestyle and home décor perfectly. There are three models within the collection including the Omni Classic, Omni Contemporary and Omni Original boiling water tap. Omni taps compliment modern day kitchen schemes perfectly as they are available in a wide range of metallic finishes that are highly desirable and bang on trend.

Colour options include;

  • Gunmetal (Original & Contemporary Models)
  • Gold (All Models)
  • Stainless Steel (All Models)
  • Black (Original & Contemporary models)
  • Copper (Original & Contemporary models)

Features of all Omni 4 in 1 Taps.

4 in 1 Techonology;

When you purchase an Omni tap you’ll recieve a pack that includes a tap, boiler and filter. The dual lever operation enables you to switch between standard mains hot and cold plus filtered cold and filtered boiling water with ease.

Use the conventional mixer lever to supply hot and cold water. To dispense filtered and instant 100°C filtered boiling water simply use the opposite lever, forward for filtered and backwards for boiling.

Omni Water Filter.

There will be no need to buy bottled water once you choose to instal a Franke Omni 4 in 1 tap! A water filter is included as standard, this effectively removes impurities from the water to ensure every glass tastes the best it can, it also reduces lime scale build up.

We recommend changing the filter every 6-9 months. An LED bulb built into the tap will illuminate when the filter needs replacing.

Omni Boiling Water Tank.

The Omni tap is supplied with a 4.2 litre storage tank which is insulted and uses minimal power to keep the water at 100°C. This tank stores sufficient water to fill approximately 8 mugs or two pans of water. It takes 10 minutes to reheat the tank from empty.

Time and time again, traditional kettles are overfilled, this not only wastes water but you’re heating more water than necessary which will hike up your energy bills. Statistics from Franke reveal their boiling water tanks cost, on average 10 pence per day to run, which is comparable to a light bulb. The boiler is compliant with new eco-design directives consuming as little as approximately 0.8 watts of electricity per hour in standby mode.

Easy Installation.

Omni taps are easy to install into new or existing kitchens! The tap fits into a standard 35mm sink hole and minimal plumbing skills are required.

Please Note – This diagram is for guidance only.

The boiler is easy to install and requires just a water supply and a 13 amp socket. Colour coordinated boiler connections make fitting quick and easy too.

Safety For All Users.

Franke have developed a childproof push-to-activate lever and unique child safety clip to prevent children activating the boiling water function when using the Omni tap. For extra peace of mind the lever is spring loaded and will switch off instantly too.

The Omni tap also features a swivel spout that is insulated and remains cool to touch even when boiling water has just been dispensed.

Water Pressure Advice.

Water pressure must be between a minimum 1.5 bar (22psi) and maximum 5 bar (73psi). If your water pressure does not fall within these figures please seek advice prior to purchasing as pressure reducing valves can be purchased separately.

Omni Classic Boiling Water Tap.

The Omni 4 in 1 Classic Boiling Water Tap is the perfect combination of state of the art tap technology and traditional aesthetic. This beautifully crafted tap features an elegant swan neck spout and two white ceramic levers. It is a fabulous tap choice for traditional, farmhouse kitchen schemes.

The Omni 4 in 1 Classic Boiling Water Tap is available in stainless steel or gold.

Omni Comtemporary Boiling Water Tap.

The Omni 4 in 1 Contemporary Boiling Water Tap is edgy and striking in appearance. The square, angular spout and minimalist, colour co-ordinated levers ensure the tap is modern in style. It is the perfect choice for any contemporary kitchen.

This tap is available in an array of coloured metals including stainless steel, gold, gunmetal, black and copper.

Omni Contemporary – Stainless Steel Finish.

Omni Original Boiling Water Tap.

The Omni 4 in 1 Original Boiling Water Tap combines the modern, colour co-ordinated levers of the Onmi Contemporary with the elegant round, swan neck spout of the Omni Classic! By combining design elements from two different models, Franke have managed to create a tap that is suitable for use in both modern and traditional kitchens alike.

This tap is available in a variety of colour options including stainless steel, gold, gunmetal, black and copper.

Omni Original – Copper Finish.

An Omni 4 in 1 boiling water tap would make a great addition in any kitchen. Boiling water on demand has so many positives! It is great for the environment as you use only the water you need when you want it. Cooking and preparation times are significantly reduced plus it’s ideal for sterilizing baby bottles too.

Instant boiling water, straight from your kitchen tap means you can make a super-fast cuppa as you will no longer need to wait around for the kettle to boil! You’ll no longer require your traditional kettle which will make your kitchen a much safer place while also freeing up valuable worktop space in your kitchen, particularly useful in smaller kitchens where space is at a premium.

We have a superb selection of hot water taps at Appliance House that all qualify for fast, free delivery.

Should you have further questions or wish to discuss any of the models featured above please speak to one of our knowledgable and friendly team on 0330 002 0229, we’re always happy to help.


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