The Best Water Filter Taps For A Healthier Lifestyle.

Water filter taps are increasing in popularity and for good reason! Tap water is safe to drink in the UK, however, filtered water tastes so much nicer!

It is recommended that in order to stay healthy we should be drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day. With this in mind it is important the water you drink, tastes good. Water filter taps effectively remove any impurities from your water and deliver fresh tasting, taint free water complete with all the essential minerals you need.

There is even the option of chilled filtered water on some of our top of the range tap models. To help you on your mission to find a quality water filter tap we have chosen a few of our favourite models;

Grohe Blue Home – Chilled Filtered & Sparkling Water Tap.

One of the finest water filter taps we have on offer is the Grohe Blue Home. It is a far cry from your standard kitchen tap and this is reflected in higher than average price tag.

Grohe blue sparkling water tap

Complete with a dedicated cooler this sophisticated system delivers chilled, great tasting filtered water straight from the tap. It even supplies sparkling water too! So, whether you fancy a chilled spritzer or just a thirst quenching glass of cold water, with the choice of filtered, chilled or sparkling on offer, every option is covered!

How sparkling do you like your water? The Grohe Blue Home lets you add the amount of sparkle to suit your taste. Choose from still, medium or full sparkling with the simple touch of a button. An LED light lights up to clarify the type of water selected; blue for still water, turquoise for medium sparkling and green for lots of bubbles. It is possible to adjust the temperature of the water too between 6°and 10°.

Grohe Blue Home Tap

The Grohe Blue Home Cooler is neatly stored in the kitchen unit beneath your sink. It houses the filter and Co2 canister. A five step filtration process removes the smallest of particles form the water leaving behind all the essential, healthy minerals. Filters and CO2 bottles are easy to replace and the LED light will change colour when they need changing. Grohe Blue systems also offer three filter type options, meaning you can get perfect drinking water whether you live in a hard or soft water area. You even have the option of choosing the Magnesium + filter model which uses the five step filtration process but also adds magnesium to the water.

Grohe Water Filter
Grohe 5 Step Filtration System

With a number of style and finishes to choose from, the Grohe Blue Home is a fantastic choice for any kitchen.

For a full review of the Grohe Blue Home Chilled & Sparkling Water Tap, click here.

Carron Phoenix Dante Tri Pure.

A popular model amongst our customers, the Carron Phoenix Dante Tri Pure Filter Tap is both stylish and simple to operate.

Three levers ensure the Dante Tri Pure Tap is easy to use. The two side levers control the hot and cold water supply while the third, central lever operates the filtered water. Having a dedicated lever solely responsible for delivering filtered water prevents confusion over operation.   

Carron Phoenix Dante Tap

Water travels through a double filtration system comprising of charcoal and ceramics, impregnated with grains of silver. This process effectively removes chlorine, bacteria and unwanted particles from the water, leaving behind minerals that will benefit your health.

The Carron Phoenix Dante Tri Pure Water Filter Kitchen Tap is available in a chrome or brushed nickel finish. It’s elegant, arched spout make this water filter tap a great choice for both modern and traditional kitchens.  

Quooker CUBE.

Enjoy perfectly chilled drinks and refreshing spritzers with the amazing new Quooker CUBE. The CUBE is a chilling and filtering unit that is compatible with Quooker taps. Plumb the CUBE into your Quooker tap to enjoy hot, cold, 100°C boiling water, perfectly chilled filtered water along with sparkling water too!

Switching between the various options is easy and can be done via the push and turn textured handle situated around the central column of the tap. An LED light shines to clarify the water type selected.

A hollow fibre filter inside the chiller unit removes odours and bacteria. This process creates purified, taint free water with each use. A light signal confirms when the filter needs changing too.

If you are a regular drinker of sparkling water then there is a high chance you’ve had to throw some bottles away due to the water going flat. Wasting water and accumulating plastic bottles will be a thing of the past once you install a CUBE! The CUBE delivers sparkling water on tap. This means each glass is fresh and fully aerated with plenty of bubbles.

We recently released a blog that covers everything you need to know about the Quooker CUBE. We discuss installation, tank size, how it works, compatible Quooker taps and more. Click here to read it for yourself, it’s really worth a read.

Abode Aquifier Atlas Water Filter Tap.

With elegant aesthetics and constructed from quality components it is little wonder the Abode Aquifier Atlas Filter Tap has received great reviews on our site. Available in a chrome, brushed steel , matt black and brushed brass finish, this well priced, stylish filter tap looks suitably at home in a contemporary or more traditional styled kitchen.

The Atlas Aquifier mixertap delivers refreshing, filtered water, plus standard hot and cold water with ease. Filtered water flows via the cold water lever. Simply push this lever back for pure filtered water and forwards for domestic, cold.

Featuring an Abode Aquifier carbon filter, water runs through the activated carbon filter where carbon granules trap and remove unwanted, nasty particles from the water. The push to fit installation ensures the filter is very easy to install and replace. The filter lasts around 6 months with average use, filtering up to 5678 litres of water.

For those living in hard water areas the Aquifier High Resin, Scale Control Cartridge is the ideal filter choice. This lasts around 3 months and will filter up to 1800 litres of water.

If you regularly buy bottled water on your weekly shop then a filter tap would be a great investment for you. This change would make a positive impact on the environment as you will significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste in your home. Drinking filtered water has many health benefits too and it is great for children’s developing immune systems.

For more information on the ‘Benefits Of Filtered Water’ please read our blog. It highlights the positive impact that filtered water has on our bodies and health. You’ll be amazed to read about all the benefits to be gained from drinking filtered water!

We sell a large selection of filtered water taps at Appliance House that are suitable for all budgets. Should you wish to discuss any of the taps featured, please get in touch. You can call us on 0330 002 0229, contact us via live chat or email We’re always happy to help.


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