The best ever Indulgent Hot Chocolate Recipe.

If you are a lover of a hot chocolate then you absolutely have to give this ‘Indulgent Hot Chocolate Recipe’ a try….tonight! It is day two of chocolate week so surely you’re allowed a treat! Ok, so it is a little more effort than grabbing a jar of cocoa from your cupboard but I can assure you, you will not be disappointed.

During my university days, when in need of a little chill time I’d potter down the cobbled streets of York to find my favourite quaint cafe that made the most divine hot chocolate I have ever tasted. Ever since I have been trying to replicate that dreamy mug of warm, chocolatey goodness! I have, over the years tried many combinations but this is the recipe I always go back to. It’s indulgent, creamy and so so good.

Relaxing with your feet up and hands wrapped around a mug of hot chocolate is the perfect end to a busy day, especially if you choose to end it with this hot chocolate recipe!

Best Indulgent Hot Chocolate Recipe

Happy Hot Chocolate Making Everyone!



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