Tasty Children’s Lunch Box Ideas

We have discovered a lovely lunch box called the ‘Yumbox’ which is designed for children and portion control. Children will love the novelty of the individual sections. With each food group having its own ‘zone’ you can create lots of little dishes which will make meal time way more fun. It is leak proof too so you can add tasty yoghurts and dipping sauces to the tray without them all merging into one gloopy mess. It fits into a standard insulated lunch bag too with room for a drink. Although the ‘Yumbox’ is expensive the quirky little portioned divider tray and lovely fresh food inside will make lunch look even more appetising to your little ones; as they say ‘we eat with our eyes’. Some children are fussy eaters and trying to get them to eat a bean can be exhausting work! Try out some of our yummy recipes and serve them up with a little imagination and who knows you may be surprised to see empty lunch boxes coming home from school (and full tummies too hopefully!)


We have prepared some delicious recipes which are ideal to go in children’s lunch boxes, in fact they’re great for adults packed lunches too! A big bonus is that most of the recipes are suitable for freezing too so you can batch cook to save you some precious time. Children's Lunch Box Ideas - Yumbox


Why not try out the delicious Savoury Scones and Chocolate Chip Cookie recipes yourself or even set an afternoon aside to do some family baking. Both recipes are simple to make, suitable for freezing and really tasty too.
Savoury Cheese Scones and chocolate chip cookies

Happy lunch prep everyone!






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