Stainless Steel Cleaning Tips

The majority of households have stainless steel fixtures and fittings somewhere within the house, usually they’re found in the kitchen in the form of an appliance or a trustworthy stainless steel sink. For many it can be a bit of a struggle to keep stainless steel looking sparkly and free from finger prints and water marks, especially if you have little ones running about the house.

If your stainless steel appliances are in need of a little TLC then we are here to help. Here are our tips on how to clean your stainless steel appliances without the need to splurge on fancy cleaning products that rarely create the desired finish and leave a big dent in your wallet.

Our Cleaning Tips;

Check the Grain.

If you look closely at the surface of your stainless steel appliance you will notice a very faint grain direction. It is best to wipe with the direction of the grain to ensure the sparkliest of cleaning finishes.

Be Clear on Rust Spots.

Have you ever discovered small rust spots on your sink? When this type of staining occurs, it is unlikely that the marks are caused by the rusting of the stainless steel itself. The material used in the manufacture of the majority of sinks is a high quality 18/10 chrome nickel steel which is metallurgical incapable of rusting or corroding in normal household conditions. The rust marks are likely to be the result of small particles of a ferrous material which have become attached to the surface. The most common source of such particles is from wire wool used during the manufacturing process. Contamination may also occur if other wet objects such as cast iron pans, utensils or flatware are left in the sink for long periods of time.

These brown marks are normally superficial stains, which will not harm the sink, they should be removed using a soft damp cloth and a multi-purpose cream cleanser such as Bar Keepers Friend; our favourite stainless steel cleaner.

Cream of Tartar.

Raid your kitchen cupboard for a cheap and easy cleaning solution to shine up stainless steel goods. With a little cream of tartar and water (you could use lemon if you like too) you can create a paste that can be gently rubbed onto your appliances. Make sure you rinse well and dry to avoid water spots.

White Vinegar & Oil.

Another home made solution is a splash of white vinegar followed with a gentle wipe of oil; baby oil or a cheap olive oil are the best options.

First, clean your appliance with white vinegar and a microfibre cloth to remove any grease and then simply rub in a tiny amount of oil and buff to a shine. The trick is to use only the smallest amount of oil and to rub with the grain and you’ll have your stainless steel sparkling and finger print free in no time.

SAM_1624 (2)Bar Keepers Friend: All Purpose Power Cream.

This is our favourite stainless steel cleaning product by far. Bar Keepers Friend Power Cream smells clean and really cuts through grease and grime with minimal effort. A little goes a long way. Simply shake, apply gently with a microfibre cloth or sponge, rinse and wipe dry. This cleaning solution is brilliant and is available to buy at Appliance House. It is really reasonably priced and lasts for ages. It is great for use in the bathroom too as it can be used on ceramic surfaces, tiles, glass and much more.




Let The Cleaning Commence.

We donned the marigolds and an apron then set to cleaning our well used kitchen sink and taps. We set the Bar Keepers Friend and the e-cloth kits up to the challenge and they did not disappoint. They were fantastic, the grease and water marks soon disappeared and we were left with a clean, sparkling sink and tap set. We highly recommend these products having put them to the cleaning test ourselves.

Here are our before and after shots;
Before Cleaning

Stainless Steel Sink - Cleaned



Use a toothbrush to get into tight little areas around sink corners and taps.

Finally, if you don’t already own one, get yourself a microfibre cloth. They are an essential item that everyone should have in their cleaning cupboard. We have a selection of home cleaning accessory kits on our website which are brilliant and achieve superb cleaning results; especially when teamed up with Bar Keepers Friend and a clean freak like me!!

Happy Stainless Steel Cleaning Everyone!


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