Sparkling water taps – truly refreshing

If you love drinks with sparkling water, why not have it on-tap?  Grohe’s Blue Chilled and Sparkling U taps give you instant access to a refreshing glass of chilled still or sparkling water whenever the mood, or thirst, takes you. As you’d expect from a brand like Grohe, these taps give you a host of options for the perfect drink.  They incorporate no less than three types of filtered and chilled table water – unchilled, medium chilled and fully chilled.  These have a temperature range between 4◦C and 10◦C and allow the removal of lime, chlorine and even heavy metals, giving the ultimate fresh taste. Grohe 2 These taps also give you two types of sparkling water (especially fine bubbles for ‘lightly sparkling’ or the full fizz of ‘sparkling’.) There’s a handy LED display on the handle and the coloured light indicates the type of water to be dispensed.  Blue – still water; turquoise – chilled sparkling and green – sparkling. The Grohe chilled and sparkling water taps are easy to fit.  You’ll need to ensure there’s room for the filter and water carbonator underneath your kitchen unit. The ‘fizz’ canisters for sparkling water are so easy to replace – simply remove the old one from its housing shell and reinsert the new one. Grohe-Water-Filter View the Grohe chilled and sparkling water taps here or please get in touch for further information.

Alistair Ward

I've been at Appliance House since 2011 having worked in every role at the company.