Simon Panther Has Done It – 3000 Miles In Under 6 Weeks!

Simon Panther has made it safely to Buenos Aires! He’s covered the 3000+ miles from coast to coast across South America to raise a great deal of money for his chosen charity Cancer Research UK. Congratulations Simon from everyone at, great job!

Here’s what he had to say about the adventure:

“BUENOS AIRES!!!!! 4877KM (3030 miles) and 5 weeks and 4 days after leaving Lima, Peru I have finally crossed South America from coast to coast and reached Buenos Aires!!

Its been an incredible x 99999999999 trip which I wont forget…..even with daily dog chases, head on desert winds, regular liquid poos, 4500m climbs and altitude sickness, police stops, road closures, hail storms, freezing my ass off in a tent at 4,000 metres and get driven off the road everyday by big lorries…..I definitely have no regrets!!..(I was about to say I’d do it all over again in an instant………..but perhaps not quite yet!!!)

Thanks very, very much for all the charity donations,…very much appreciated and unexpected!!! £1,740 quid raised so far, if anyone wants to make any final donations to boast it to £3 grand here’s the link thanks!!!!!!!!!”

It’s not too late to donate to support Simon and Cancer Research, just click on the link above.

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