Savoury Muffins. Children’s Lunch Box Ideas

I’m sure when many of you think about muffins you instantly think of sweet, soft, melt in the mouth muffins packed full of chocolate chips or blueberries. Ever tried a savoury muffin? If not, you really should! These ‘Savoury Muffins’ are really tasty and are packed with carrots and courgettes  which create a lovely moist bake. We added mature cheddar cheese to our recipe but they would also be great mixed with ham, olives or even some chunks of creamy feta. These little bundles are best served warm but they are also really good eaten cold and served in packed lunch boxes or at a family picnic. Another big bonus is the fact they can be frozen for up to a month and used as and when you feel the need for a savoury muffin fix.

We baked 12 large savoury muffins and added the mix straight into the muffin tin. These larger muffins are the perfect size for older children and look lovely presented in a colourful muffin case in their lunch boxes. We also had enough mix to make a few extra mini muffins; my toddler loved them, they were just the right size for his little hands too. Savoury Muffins served with a side salad would make an ideal lunch for all the family to enjoy.

Feeling tempted? Check out the delicious recipe below, did we mention, its incredibly easy to make too….

Savoury Muffins - packed lunch ideas** Don’t throw away the carrot and courgette juice as its packed full of goodness. To complete our healthy lunch we made a refreshing smoothie with our left over vegetable juice.

Peachy Banana Smoothie


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