Regulations For Fitting A Gas Hob

Proximity Of Gas Hob To Kitchen Units Explained

Installing a Gas Hob can be a worrying procedure not only for aesthetics but also for the safety of the homeowners and their family. When designing your new kitchen you want it to look exactly as you have imagined it but there are certain criteria that should be met when working out your Gas Hob measurements.

A good rule of thumb is to always take a common sense approach when deciding where you want to place your gas hob. You will want to make the new hob user friendly so think about how far pan handles will reach out beyond the hob and onto the surrounding work surface. Ensure that as someone walks by they won’t knock over a pan and that the pans aren’t in a position where the steam from cooking doesn’t affect the kitchen cupboards and units.

A minimum requirement is 300mm but ideally you should leave around a 500mm by each side of the hob to leave enough space for pans and also giving you enough space to work in.

Don’t position a hob in the following positions in your kitchen:

  • Up against a wall
  • On the end of a worktop
  • By a door
  • Under a window

When installing a Gas Hob you must also take into consideration the height of the cooker hood. With Electric Hobs you should leave a minimum 660mm between hob and hood whilst a Gas Hob requires 760mm and you should also leave a minimum 50mm between the back of the Hob and the wall.

With all Gas Hobs a CORGI registered fitter must be used to ensure it is safe and fitted correctly. As with any kitchen appliance you must always check the manufacturers installation manual. If no manual is supplied contact the manufacturer who can send one to you directly. If the hob is fitted incorrectly or against guidelines any manufacturer guarantee will be voided.


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