Our Practical Guide To The Cost Of The Average Kitchen

If you are planning a new kitchen in the foreseeable future you absolutely need to read this blog. We have been looking into the costs of the average kitchen and have created a practical guide which covers all aspects that you must consider when planning your new kitchen; Cost saving ideas, ensuring you have the essential appliances accounted for and of course, ideas for the dreamy, luxury wish list!

Now the hub of the home for many, choosing a new kitchen can be quite a challenge as there are so many choices to be made; does anyone really know the cost of an average kitchen? We have been researching this question and we think it is fair to say that there is no definitive answer; it really does depend on the individual’s needs, desires and most importantly their budget. On average we spend just under 3 hours a day in the kitchen so selecting the right kitchen and accessories for you, while keeping costs within budget, is very important.

Average Kitchen Cost Infographic

Latest update – February 2019.


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