NEW Quooker Augmented Reality App. See Your Dream Tap In Every Style & Colour In Your Kitchen!

The launch of Quookers new Augmented Reality App enables you to see life size models of Quookers entire tap range, in situ, before you make your final decision.

The hugely popular Quooker Boiling Water Taps are available in a wide range of style and colours. Using the free Quooker AR app you can bring each tap to life. You have the option to change the finish and you can place the tap in any location. You’ll see the tap appear on top of the marker on your worktop, by your sink or even in the kitchen showroom on a sample piece of worktop!

How Does The Quooker AR App Work?

Firstly, you need to download the printed Quooker marker. This can be downloaded here.

Next you’ll need to install the Quooker Augmented Reality App.

Quooker Augmented Reality App

Once you have these up and running you can see images of exactly how the whole Quooker range looks in 3D, in any environment by placing the Quooker Marker in a desired spot, opening the app and pointing the camera at the marker disc.

Upon opening the Quooker AR App you can select any tap from the menu. The menu features all the taps on offer in the Quooker collection.

Quooker AR Marker

Once you select a tap model it will appear on the Quooker marker. You then have the option to switch between colour options. Should you wish to view a different tap model simply return to the overview menu and choose another tap!

For those who struggle to visualise a design concept this App is brilliant. We tried and tested the Quooker AR App in our showroom next to a ‘real’ Quooker boiling water tap! We placed the marker next to a Quooker Flex in a stainless steel finish. From the menu we selected a Quooker Flex in a polished chrome finish. As you can see from the images, the scale, detail and clarity of the image is excellent.

Quooker Flex in Polished Chrome – Visual Via New Quooker AR App.
Quooker Flex In Black – Visual Via Quooker AR App (Flex Black Model Due 2020)
Quooker Fusion Square In Black – Visual Via Quooker AR App
Close Up Of Quooker Classic In Stainless Steel – Visual Via Quooker AR App.

We stock a huge range of Quooker Boiling Water Taps at Appliance House. We’re always happy to help should you have any questions related to any of the Quooker boiling water tap models we have on offer. To enhance your shopping experience don’t forget to download the Quooker marker and see all the models in situ, before you buy! The Quooker AR App will certainly make it much easier to select a model and finish to suit your kitchen design scheme beautifully.


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