New Launch Of Smart Home Electrical’s, Drones, Robotic Vacuums & More At Appliance House.

We are thrilled to introduce a new electrical section on our site which includes great deals on ‘smart home’ electricals, along with electric scooters, robotic vacuum cleaners and a selection of quality DJI drones.

Each and every product we have on offer has been engineered to the highest specification and features some of the very latest tech. If you love your gadgets you will be seriously impressed with these new additions to our range;

Our DJI Drone Collection has models to suit everyone from amateurs through to professional film makers. If you are new to drone flying a small portable model is an ideal choice. Although lightweight, the mini drones we have at Appliance House are powerful and capture incredible quality footage, wherever they go! 

Good things come in small packages and that is certainly the case with the Mavic Mini! The ultra lightweight, (249g to be precise!) compact DJI drone captures smooth, shake free footage thanks to its 3 axis motorised gimbal. It also comes with a remote control which enables users to navigate with precision and speed for a more fulfilling drone flying experience.

Our DJI Mavic Mini Drone is an excellent choice for beginners. The Mavic Mini Fly More Combo Pack has additional accessories including a charging hub, extra batteries, spare propellers and a carry case to keep everything neat, tidy and safe. With all these extra Mavic Mini accessories you’ll be able to stay out for longer, capturing more memories.

Fast, powerful and compact also comes in the form of our robotic vacuum cleaners.  Our robotic vacuum cleaners are a great addition to any home and more importantly they do a brilliant job!

Once you invest in a robotic vacuum you can set the hoover to work whilst you’re out at work! Our Roborock Vacuum Cleaners can be programmed to work on a regular basis at specific times of the day. Using a dedicated app for the device you can also save maps of your home and create no go zones if one room is not ready to be cleaned. 

Featuring intelligent technology, they are capable of switching their suction power according to the type of floor they are cleaning. Once cleaning is complete or the power level is running low many machines will automatically return to the dock station for recharging too. 

We also have smart home doorbells and security systems on offer. These provide homeowners with the ultimate convenience. Once synced to your devices you can interact with people at your front door or around your property from your smartphone, tablet and PC.

Within our collection you’ll find Ring Video Doorbells that capture excellent HD video footage via the wide angled lens. A ring doorbell senses motion around your front door. If someone rings the bell, you will receive a notification. Built in speakers and a microphone means you can see, hear and have a two way conversation to the person visiting your property, from anywhere!

We have many fabulous new products within our electrical and smart home section! If you are struggling to find a model that suits your requirements, feel free to give us a call on 0330 002 0229. We’re always happy to help.


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