Never Burn Your Food Again With The Award Winning Gorenje IQcook Induction Hob

Cooking Made Simple With Gorenje SmartSense

Gorenje have announced the introduction of their patented and Red Dot Design Award winning IQcook Induction Hob featuring genius technology that effectively cooks dishes themselves without any need for you to constantly monitor the pans. You will never have to worry about burning food or pans boiling over as the IQ Sensors will constantly monitor the cooking progress and adjust the temperature of the hob. This unique hob features a sensor in the hob and on the lid of your pots and pans that monitor the levels of water in the pan and switches the hob off if water completely evaporates. This clever technology will mean that you can start cooking something on the hob and leave it while you get on with other tasks or anything urgent. Whilst you’re completing these tasks you won’t have that horrible feeling that the food is burning because the IQcook Induction Hob will prevent this happening.

Gorenje have improved upon their already high quality Induction Hobs with the inclusion of their SmartSense sensors that not only monitor and adjust the settings on the hob, they also come with preset cooking and frying modes that you can adjust to your preference. In total you’ll be able to enjoy the use of 5 preset cooking modes that will help you cook your meals to perfection.

Cooking with Water – In dishes such as soups, the preset will maintain the boiling temperature by continual monitoring.

Steam Cooking – To keep all the healthy nutrients in your food use the steam cooking mode which monitors cooking levels maintains an even steam cook.

Slow Cooking – Specifically designed for items that require a longer cooking process such as curry, chilli con carne, or a stew.

Grilling – Choose from 3 levels, low, medium and high, which indicate how your food, and especially your meat, is cooked.

Frying – The perfect setting for those that like to deep fry or cook with a larger amount of oil, it also keeps cooking safe to avoid any fires.

As the Gorenje IQcook Induction Hob constantly monitors and controls the cooking levels you only use the amount of energy required so is ideal for those looking at creating an eco kitchen. By using the Gorenje SmartSense you’ll use up to 40% less energy than a standard hob, so not only will you benefit from your food not burning or boiling over, you’ll also save money.

Alistair Ward

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