Mile Number 1, 2999 To Go. The Start Of The Big Adventure.

Simon has touched down in the Southern Hemisphere and clapped eyes on the Pacific Ocean, now the hard work really begins.

“Here’s my update…day 1!……..Touched down in Lima looked like Iraq from the sky!……….airport officials tried to scam me for my bike but refused to pay, left the airport and had to cycle through the most dangerous part of Lima in a full traffic jam…..fell of my bike shortly after…bent my bars, cut myself and looked like a complete kn*b!!!….1st ever day wearing a helmet!!!!!!!! Should not have listened to mum!!!!!!! Got taken for an hours walk to find map shop that didn’t exist by an old lady I met in a Christian book shop, and then finally put my feet in the Pacific Ocean…hope to dip them in the Atlantic in 7 weeks! Leaving early tomorrow morning to head south on the pacific highway!”

Everyone at is wishing Simon the best of luck on the first leg of the trip!

You too can donate to Simon’s JustGiving page here:

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