Luxurious and modern: copper kitchen sinks

Sinks and taps don’t have to be white and silver – they can be gold, anthracite and copper too!

In recent months we’ve seen a surge in demand for our coloured range, with copper-toned sinks and taps proving particularly popular.

The bold copper, gold and grey tones have a beautiful sheen which means they can make a fabulous feature in any style of kitchen, from the modern to the traditional, especially when placed alongside a matching or contrasting kitchen unit.

Copper sinks and taps – the reddish-gold of copper is a gorgeous colour for the kitchen, giving a warm glint of colour.

Gold sinks and taps – a gold finish gives a luxuriant feel to the kitchen and radiates a sense of warmth.

Grey (anthracite) – modern and practical, an anthracite kitchen sink looks particularly stunning when paired with a chrome or brushed steel tap.

Our grey, gold and copper sinks and taps are made from high quality stainless steel.  This is particularly good if you’re looking for a copper-toned finish for your kitchen.  The colour and appearance of a copper sink will change over time, and most copper sinks need to be wiped dry when you’ve used them.  However, a copper coloured stainless steel sink will give you the beautiful look of copper, with less maintenance – and its colour will not change over time.

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