When it comes to creating a stylish kitchen, the devil, as always, is in the detail.  Contemporary kitchen taps create an eye-catching focal point for a great-looking kitchen, plus the right choice will pay dividends in making your kitchen a practical, functional space in which to cook.

So whilst your kitchen tap may seem like a small detail, it can play a pivotal role in both the look and enjoyment of your kitchen in the long-run.  Take your time and choose with care!

What are contemporary kitchen taps?

There are contemporary kitchen taps for almost every design of kitchen. They’re not only the preserve of super-modern homes, even country-style homes will benefit from a modern version of a traditional design.



Choosing a contemporary kitchen tap

There are many beautiful tap designs now available.  To ensure your kitchen tap is contemporary, bear these three points in mind when making your choice:


  1. Look for clean lines and simple mechanisms rather than ornate embellishments or bevel details. Single lever and dual lever kitchen taps will work in modern kitchens and tall spouts remain a very popular choice.


  1. Opt for silver tones of shiny chrome or brushed steel, and your finished look will be up-to-date. Brushed nickel is also becoming popular, with its black and silver colour giving an edgy finish.


  1. Incorporate technology. Modern taps offer more than hot and cold water, there are now some wonderful designs which can also give you instant access to boiling, chilled and even sparkling water. Plus, there are pull-out spray taps which make washing up that bit easier, and no-touch mechanisms which are activated by the back of your hand or wrist – perfect when your hands are messy from food preparation.


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