Introducing The Gorenje HomeCHEF Oven With Interactive Touch Screen Control

Gorenje BO9950AX Built In Single Oven With The Revolutionary iChef

Gorenje, the renowned Slovenian Kitchen Appliance manufacturer, has started 2012 with a bang by launching a revolutionary Built in Single Oven with interactive, user-friendly touch screen control. The BO9950AX oven has been developed with Gorenje’s innovative HomeCHEF technology to aid any cook, from a novice to a professional, through each step when preparing any culinary dish.

The BO9950AX boasts all the quality features of a standard Gorenje oven with the intelligent control and technology of the HomeCHEF. Gorenje have integrated the modern and popular use of mobile technology with the high-end spec of their ovens to develop the iChef. The touch screen is easily operated via the touch of a finger and features a full-colour interactive TFT display including photo realistic images to help you choose which settings to use to ensure your meal comes out of the oven perfectly cooked.

The main menu on the interactive display is split into 5 sections, SIMPLEbake, AUTObake, PRObake, Mybake and EXTRA.
Gorenje BO9950AX Oven Touch Display
Select SIMPLEbake and 9 categories appear of the most commonly cooked dishes in the oven. These 9 categories feature preset settings for the choice of heat, shelf level and the period of cooking required. All you have to do is input the weight, how well you want it cooked and any alteration to time and the iChef will indicate every step in the cooking process.

The AUTObake section contains 10 categories (e.g. meat, vegetables etc.), which hold a combined choice of 65 preset dishes. All you have to do is select the category, input the simple information the iChef requests and the onboard computer will make any further adjustments to the cooking process to produce a sumptuous meal.

PRObake is the ideal selection for those that want ultimate control over the cooking process. With this option you can set the precise temperature, select which heating elements are used and many other settings to help you create exquisite dishes. Within PRObake you can also use Gorenje’s patented STEPbake that allows you to set 3 stages of cooking whilst altering the heating setup, temperature and timer. For example if you are cooking a Turkey for Christmas, stage 1 would be set to a very high heat for 30 minutes and to use all heating elements, stage 2 will be set to a reduced heat for 2 to 3 hours and stage 3 will be set to let it rest on a low heat. Pre set these stages using STEPbake and the HomeCHEF will automatically follow your instructions, cooking the perfect meal every time.

Gorenje BO9950AX MyBake

Mybake allows you to store up to 120 of your favourite and commonly used cooking combinations in 10 categories (e.g. bread, meat etc.), to ensure you produce the perfect feast. Where as with other ovens you have to keep watch to ensure the dish is ok, with the Gorenje HomeCHEF you’ll be safe knowing your family’s favourite dinner is cooking perfectly.

Finally EXTRA offers a variety of choices such as Preheat+ offering rapid preheating, Warming+ to warm cooked food until it is time to serve, Serving+ which heats plates for serving. The BO9950AX HomeCHEF oven also comes with a Defrost+ feature, a meat probe to ensure your meat is cooked correctly and a simple but effective Cleaning+ function requiring only water to keep your Gorenje oven looking brand new.

Gorenje BO9950AX HomeChef - ProBake

Now you’ve read about what the Gorenje BO9950AX Built In Single Oven can do why not try it yourself.

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