Indesit Prime PBAA33NFD Free-Standing Fridge Freezer | Review

The Indesit Prime PBAA33NFD Free-Standing Fridge Freezer has so many exciting features and functions it is difficult to know where to start. Indesit describe this appliance boasts genuine efficiency, reliability and functionality and after testing it out it does. This particular fridge freezer has an A+ energy efficiency rating, using less energy but still producing great results saving you more on your electricity bills. The Energy Saving Trust has also recommended the Indesit Prime PBAA33NFD so you can be confident this fridge freezer will help you save money.

The Smart Technology within this Indesit Prime PBAA33NFD is one of the many unique features it has to offer. The Smart Technology operates by using an advanced sensor system to monitor a range of settings including the internal temperature, to ensure the fridge freezer always works at its optimum. The Smart Technology raises an alarm if a problem arises, such as the door being open for a long time, and quickly reverts back to the optimal settings to prevent any food spoiling. The bottle chill is ideal for parties as it lowers the temperature in the freezer drawers just long enough to chill your bottle of wine to its perfect serving temperature. The Indesit Prime PBAA33NFD also has a digital display on the fridge door panel, allowing you to access the controls and settings more easily than ever.

Indesit has made sure that the PBAA33NFD Free Standing Fridge Freezer provides you with a large amount of space and flexible storage. The Fridge gross capacity is 229 litres and the Freezer gross Capacity is 103 litres, allowing you to do a big shop and still have extra room for other necessities. Flexible Storage provides you with shelves that can be taken out to make extra room for bigger items, integrated ice trays and pizza shelves in the freezer for simple storage. The Holiday setting saves energy while you are away. Holiday setting allows the freezer to keep running as normal whilst the fridge is set to a higher than normal temperature when empty with the door closed so as to use less energy.

The Indesit Prime PBAA33NFD Free Standing Fridge Freezer, offers peace of mind for parents with a child safety lock, making sure that your child will not trap their hand in the door or get to any food they shouldn’t. The advanced Total No Frost feature prevents the build up of ice in the freezer avoiding the need to defrost, and the auto defrost maintains the right level of humidity in the fridge, conserving the original quality and flavour of foods. The Indesit PBAA33NFD Fully Intergraded Fridge Freezer has proven to be a high quality appliance with innovative features and at only £429.00 this is a real bargain, offering fantastic value for money.

Alistair Ward

I've been at Appliance House since 2011 having worked in every role at the company.