Gorenje Retro Fridges in New Colours

The Old Timer fridge freezers from Gorenje, already popular for a decade, are now endowed with a revamped appearance and a new colour palette. And to fully fit into the most recent trends, they also have a new, stylish name: the Gorenje Retro Collection. Gorenje upgraded the form of the past with the technology of the future, and added a touch of trendy boldness in an exciting array of new colours championed by the fashion pundits. We believe that contemporary consumers desire more individualism and daring, lively and invigorating colours in their homes. Thus came to life the new retro collection of the economical, and environment-friendly cool beauties in the colours of the rainbow, available in three different and differently charming styles: Chic, Vintage, and Funky.

The new collection of fridge freezers will thrill you with the elegant, romantic, or daring colour palettes. What you choose is superior technology with a brand new image and a charming touch of nostalgia. The rounded convex design is the hallmark of the entire collection of perfectly designed, economical, and environment-friendly state-of-the-art appliances whose new colours will blend perfectly with your expectations of distinctiveness. Different and in tune with your lifestyle. Be elegant, romantic, playful, or daring. Treat yourself to more. Dare to go further.

Gorenje Retro Chic collection will appeal above all to those who appreciate modern classics, minimalism with select pieces of elegant furniture; the resolute visionaries who contend that “less is more” and seek perfect harmony. Gorenje’s retro beauties in charming hues of Bordeaux, Silver, and Black will surely appeal to them. Simple elegance where nothing is redundant.

The sober tones of the Gorenje Retro Vintage collection will intrigue the nostalgic romantics who love natural colours. The collection will arouse the attention of those who indulge in the pleasures classic arts and appreciate new images with a seasoned character. For them, the fridge-freezers are available in prestigious colours of Dark Chocolate, Royal Coffee, and Champagne. Only the best will do.

Gorenje Retro Funky collection was created for the playful eternal optimists and curious travellers who just love to be free; the adrenaline lovers for whom sky is the limit. Retro fridges in modern, lively, and alluringly lusty hues: Lime Green, Raspberry Pink, and Juicy Orange. For all who dream in colours.

Gorenje Retro Collection with a lush array of colours invites all who have thus far looked in vain for the right colour of their favourite fridge model. Presenting the retro cool refrigerators – Chic, Vintage and Funky. Which is the one for you?

Alistair Ward

I've been at Appliance House since 2011 having worked in every role at the company.