Gorenje RB60299O Freestanding Retro Fridge with Ice Box | Review

The Gorenje RB60299O Retro Freestanding Fridge with Ice Box is a modern twist on a classic fridge design that is sure to add a touch of style to any kitchen. Available in a range of eye-catching colours and made with modern and innovative technology, this range of Gorenje Retro Fridges are an ideal choice for anyone wanting to install a standout appliance in their kitchen.

Similar to the ever popular SMEG retro fridges, the RB60299O fridges offer an improved usability and performance in a number of ways. Firstly, the fridge offers a large 255 litre capacity fridge that offers plenty of space to fit a big family shop, whilst the smaller freezer section provides the flexibility to store frozen foods. One of the more innovative and unique features of these fridges are the height adjustable shelves that allow you to increase or lower the shelf so you can place larger items, such as a turkey, in the fridge. Gorenje have included a Salad Crisper, so you can store fruit and vegetables away from other products such as meats, a Dairy shelf for butter and cheese, an Egg Tray which can hold up to a dozen eggs and 2 door shelves for extra storage. There is also a bottle shelf perfect for keeping a bottle of wine perfectly chilled.

The Gorenje RB60299O Retro Freestanding Fridge range have been fitted with a SuperCool function which works by quickly reducing the internal temperature of the fridge when the fridge door has been opened for a while, such as after unpacking after a big shop. This ensures that food in the fridge is kept at the coolest temperature possible to eliminate spoiling. Another feature designed to maintain your food is the Automatic Defrost where the appliance circulates cool air throughout the freezer section to prevent the formation of ice and also eliminate your time spent manually defrosting the freezer.

The Gorenje RB60299O is available in Orange, Lime Green, Raspberry Pink, Cream, Burgundy, Black, and White and also has been designed to help you save money on your utility bills with an A++ Energy Rating.

Alistair Ward

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