Gorenje IT614 | Review

Wow, just look at this! As usual Gorenje has surpassed itself on the visual side; their appliances always seem to ooze high end style and project a state of the art image, even before you explore what they can do.

The Gorenje IT614 is no different. This glass ceramic induction built in hob has sleek lines, high spec, high tech features and is visually stunning.gorenje-it614asc

This hob works using induction heating. This means that your food heats up exceptionally quickly (twice as quickly as conventional gas cookers) making it more efficient and some of the features have been designed with safety in mind.

Cleverly induction hobs work by heating up the pan and not the hob. If you put a smaller pan on a larger zone then only the part of the zone that matches the diameter of the pan you are cooking with is used. This not only prevents heat loss and wasted energy but also means your pan handles won’t get hot, so no more of those nasty and painful hand burns!

Induction technology also ensures that the other areas of the hob you are not using stay cool and once you stop cooking and turn off the zone it cools much quicker than a conventional hob. It is this responsiveness that also helps to prevent pans boiling over, which means less cleaning and wiping up of spills, who wouldn’t like that?

We love this hob. It looks the part, acts the part and brings new innovative technology and cooking methods into our homes. The Gorenje IT614 would make even the any customer a happy one.

Alistair Ward

I've been at Appliance House since 2011 having worked in every role at the company.