Gorenge BOP8858AX | Review

Now this is what we are talking about! Stylish, modern, contemporary and gorgeous to look at the Gorenge BOP 8858AX built-in pyrolitic oven is just stunning.

This single built in oven is part of the Gorenje Premium design line and you can see just what a difference this makes. Modelled on a traditional wood-fired bread oven this oven not only looks the part, but it has enough features to keep even the most specialist cooks happy. It has a SUPER size baking area, so soufflés and cakes have more than adequate room to rise and you shouldn’t have to measure your oven to ensure it will fit in the Xmas turkey.

This oven is self-cleaning (we don’t need to mention how good that is) and it also has an easily removable door, so you can really get your hands dirty if you want to give the oven an additional wipe around or mop up spillages.

It has direcTOUCH controls which sound funky just by name. This is an innovative patented programme module, which means you select your oven requirements from a touch pad on the oven. Not only does this make selecting easy, but it also stores your cooking favourites.

As well as coming with a staywarm and warm plate option the oven also has an innovative meat probe. You stick the probe into your roasting joint or bread dough, select the temperature you want it to reach and hey presto you have perfect baked bread and succulent meat to serve to your family and friends.

We think the Gorenje BOP8858AX Built in Single Oven is a fantastic option for your kitchen, we hope you do too.

Alistair Ward

I've been at Appliance House since 2011 having worked in every role at the company.