Get Me Out Of Here! Lima To Nazca 500km Of Red Eyed Dogs.

Our sponsored cyclist Simon Panther has covered some miles since his arrival in South America, good job too as there are many more to go and little time. Here’s his latest update.

Day 2: First real day on the road!!…Lima to Pisco…still unable to find a map (though I can find a road atlas of Europe!) I head south on the pacific highway anyway… Locals Massively underestimated the distance to me, ended up doing 230 km in one day…left at 7am arrived gone 7pm in the pitch black, not ideal, bit scary!! Left toe’s a bit numb as were my bits down below, feeling better now thankfully. Also chased by many big dogs, VERY scary, especially the big ones with red eyes!! Met a nice old lady selling fruit, she took my sun cream to put on her face…I think I need it more.

Day 3: Cycled from Pisco to Inca…got 3 punctures! Was very annoyed! Also discovered they don’t sell my type of inner tubes in Peru! Very worrying as one in not repairable! Found mechanic to fix remaining punctured tubes with motorbike patches as “decathlon” patches don’t work!! Also found myself riding through a desert.

Day 4: (Inca to Nazca) very hard day…uphill into desert roads with head on wind and sand in the face…endless desert with a few splashes of green oasis like towns!! Worst dog attack so far…shorty after being chased by a HUGE (cant exaggerate enough) dog that ran as fast as my bike for what seemed like minutes…..I approach the brow of a hill in a desert road with a mad max style house/ shack on top…as I approach 5 dogs run at me so I turn back, try again same thing! I try to flag down a lorry then manage to get a minibus to stop…its full but he acts like a shield to get me past the dogs…not happy about all these crazy dogs. Things broken so far…camera, bottle cage, lost screw of rack…need more spares.”

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