Get Lower Water Bills With These ECO Kitchen Taps

Caple and Carron Phoenix have designed a range of kitchen taps that will help you use less water and in turn lower your water bills. These five kitchen taps are ideal for those looking to reach Level 3 of the Code For Sustainable Homes, which states that a house must be designed to use less than 105 litres of water per person per day.  Although this type of tap may not be the first thought for those building or redesigning a house, the benefits are longstanding, mainly helping to reduce your monthly energy costs.

The Caple Single Lever Deluxe, SLD/CH, and the Caple Zuben Quad, ZUBQ3/CH, kitchen taps offer a combination of style and practicality to enhance the look and usability of any kitchen. The Carron Phoenix hat-trick of eco-taps are perfect for those hunting for simple and effective taps. These Carron Phoenix taps include the eLIO, eLIX and eNYA taps and have been specifically designed and classed as eco taps. All of the taps use 4 litres of water per minute except the eLIX tap that uses 5 litres per minute.

The Code For Sustainable Homes (CFSH) rates households against various categories and awards a rating up to 6 stars for how it performs. Categories include Water (Reduction in litres used per person), Energy/CO2 (Energy Saving Technologies and CO2 reductions), Materials (Responsible Sourcing of Products) and more. The main benefit of attaining a high level in the CFSH is that you help the environment and protect against climate change, however you will also find your house is more efficient meaning you’ll start to enjoy energy cost savings.

Alistair Ward

I've been at Appliance House since 2011 having worked in every role at the company.