The Essential Quooker Flex Information Guide.

This article is packed full of facts, figures and really useful information all about the Quooker Flex and is a must read for anyone considering installing a boiling water tap in their home.

Instant boiling water saves you time, money and energy. The traditional kettle is an extremely inefficient home appliance. Did you know Brits waste a huge £145 million a year over filling kettles?! That’s a lot of wasted water, time and energy. Use only the water you need by opting for a Quooker Flex Boiling Water Tap. With running costs as low as 3p per day you’ll even reduce your energy bills too.

The Quooker Flex Boiling Water Tap is the very first boiling water tap designed with an integral pull out hose. It offers style combined with unrivaled functionality making it a truly unique and extremely desirable boiling water faucet.

Appliance House have created an infographic dedicated to the Quooker Flex Boiling Water Tap. It contains everything you need to know about the Quooker Flex and is full of essential information regarding tank size options, style choices and running costs whist also providing an informative list of all the excellent safety features the Quooker Flex Tap offers.

2017 Quooker Flex InfographicIf you’re intrigued and want to find out more about this innovative product then make sure you read our informative article on our Appliance House blog page; The Quooker Flex; The World’s First Boiling Water Tap With Integral Pull Out Hose. It is definitely worth a read!

To find out more about the NEW Quooker Flex, Fusion or any other boiling water taps or accessories within the Quooker range please get in touch with a member of our expert team at Appliance House on 0330 002 0229 and we will be happy to help.03300020229


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