Electrolux, EOB3400AOX, Built In Single Oven | Review

The Electrolux EOB3400AOX Built in Single Oven is a cleverly designed kitchen appliance because Electrolux are trying to bring the professional kitchen into the home. If, like myself, you religiously watch any food programme on TV you will have noticed Electrolux ovens and hobs being commonplace in a professional kitchen. In fact, 1 in every 2 chefs featured in the Michelin Guide use Electrolux equipment in their professional kitchens. These chefs aren’t bothered about style, only that the equipment is durable, works correctly every time, and allows them to create stunning food that they have built their reputations on. With the EOB3400AOX Single Oven Electrolux have taken this popular and high spec technology and combined it with a beautiful design.

The Electrolux EOB3400AOX Built In Single Oven key features are wide ranging and include; Ultrafan Cooking so there is no transfer of flavours between dishes when you are cooking 2 meals at the same time, Fan Controlled Defrost that speeds up defrosting by half the time, and a Dual Circuit Economy Variable Grill that provides an even grill. Although the 5 cooking programmes are simple to use and highly effective; it is the extra large capacity of the oven cavity that is really impressive.

This Electrolux oven comes with a 74 litre capacity so you can rest assured that whatever your dish be it a Christmas turkey, multiple trays of Scones, or a large stew will all fit in and with fan cooking they would cook evenly. You can also arrange the oven exactly as you need it with the possibility of 9 shelf heights, so you can fit in multiple dishes of differing heights.

The large viewing window in the double glazed oven door compliments the extra large oven cavity. Not only does this make it a nice feature in your kitchen, it also helps you to view the food as it cooks so instead of opening the door every few minutes and letting the heat out, you can just look through the viewing window. The interior of the oven is easy clean enamel so you won’t be spending hours cleaning the oven and it has also achieved an A+ Energy Rating which helps to save you money on your energy bills and keeps a constant cooking temperature.

Available in a choice of 3 colours, Stainless Steel, White, and Black, this Electrolux oven offers a truly great value for money. To view the other finishes and more information CLICK HERE.

Alistair Ward

I've been at Appliance House since 2011 having worked in every role at the company.