Cook Super Fast And Efficiently With An Induction Hob

Induction hobs allow you to cook with extreme efficiency, they’re safe to use, look great and they are so easy to keep clean. Many induction hobs on the market feature a boost option which allows for super fast heating, perfect when boiling a pan of water or cooking a stir fry. If you require gentle heating of ingredients then induction hobs work brilliantly for warming milk based sauces and slowly melting chocolate. Induction is really safe to use too. Induction hobs use magnetism to transfer the heat; basically, heat only transfers to magnetic items that are in contact with the surface. This clever technology ensures exceptional cooking efficiency as it heats up the pan rather than the entire cooking surface; allowing you to cook safely without the need to worry about spillages burning onto the hob surface too. The elegant, flat, glass surface of an induction hob wipes clean with ease and looks sleek and stylish. Induction hobs are the perfect choice for any modern kitchen.We have a large selection of induction hobs to suit all budgets at Appliance House. Some models on offer combine gas and induction together, we also have slimline models offering just two zones of induction, such as the Caple C9961 Induction Hob. This option allows you to customise your heat zones to suit your cooking needs. The options are endless.

Using magnetic induction technology, the stylish Caple, C856i frameless black glass induction hob has been designed with 9 power levels, controlled via a touch slider control. Safety is covered as the model incorporates a safety lock and automatic safety shut off plus an anti-overheat function to prevent your food from burning. The Caple C856i Induction Hob provides 4 individual induction zones and to accommodate larger pans such as the iGriddle, you can combine 2 zones together to create 2 extra large induction zones, allowing you to cook more efficiently than ever before. There is also the option to use a booster on each of the four cooking zones, allowing you to quickly increase the heat to suit different styles of cooking.

We really love the The Caple iGriddle Pan; a superb cast iron pan engineered with a food grade enamel coating which is suitable for use on all induction hobs. You could cook up some tasty healthy recipes with ease using both the plancha (flat) cooking zone and griddle. Perfect for cooking fish, chicken, vegetables, pancakes and much more.

We love this hearty, filling Warm griddled Vegetable and Halloumi Salad which would be a breeze to make using the Caple iGriddle Pan. It’s very easy to make, the combination of flavours work great together and we love the fact it is a warm salad dish, making it ideal for any season. You would be silly not to give this lovely warm salad a try, it’s too tasty to miss. If you’re not a fan of Halloumi it works brilliantly with griddled chicken or salmon too.

At Appliance House we have a great selection of induction hobs available. Why not take advantage of our 3% off ALL Caple products. Simply use code CAPLE3 in your shopping basket to receive 3% off your order. Start cooking on induction now, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t make the change sooner!

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