Tips on Choosing a Double Belfast Ceramic Sink

If you’ve got the space, a double Belfast ceramic sink is a fantastic addition to any kitchen or utility room. There’s nothing like it for practical, everyday use. The extra space means it’s so much easier to get chores done, from washing the dishes to doing the laundry and cleaning a myriad of other household items, including pets!

Plus, a double Belfast sink will never go out of fashion, it’s a classic style statement for any home.

Double Belfast sinks come in a variety of widths. For example, the Caple Kempton Ceramic Sink measures 465mm x 795mm while the Caple Sandown Ceramic Sink measures 490mm x 500mm.

Caple Sandown Ceramic Sink

For a wider width, take a look at the Carron Phonenix Belfast 200 Ceramic Sink which is 490mm x 800mm or the Shaws Classic Shaker 1000 Ceramic Sink which is 995mm x 465mm, giving you even more space.

Most double Belfast sinks, also known as Butler sinks, have a partition in the middle although some have a large and a small bowl area. The Shaws Edgworth Ceramic Sink, for example, has a large bowl of 593mm x 400mm and a small bowl of 305mm x 400mm.

For a double Belfast sink with embellishments, the Shaws Egerton Ceramic Sink is a lovely design as well as being a great size for a family home. Also, the Shaws Ribchester Ceramic Sink is very popular. There are two sizes of the Shaws Ribchester double Belfast sink available – 997mm x 465mm and 342mm x 391.

Shaws Egerton Ceramic Sink

Remember to check that you’re choosing the right depth of double Belfast sink as they do vary from model to model. For example, the Villeroy & Boch Farmhouse 80 Ceramic Sink is 180mm deep while the Shaws Egerton Ceramic Sink is 219mm deep.

Villeroy & Boch Farmhouse 80 Ceramic Sink

You’ll find detailed product descriptions near each of the double Belfast sinks at Appliance House but please do get in touch with a member of our professional sales team if you have any questions or need further help and advice.

Remember, we offer free delivery throughout mainland UK on all our Belfast sinks, and a 14-day no quibble returns policy in the unlikely event you’re not entirely satisfied with your purchase.

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