Chilled & Sparkling Water On Tap With The NEW Quooker CUBE.

The CUBE is the latest innovation from Quooker. Enjoying fresh tasting spritzers and perfectly chilled drinks is easier than ever! The CUBE will enable your Quooker tap to supply filtered sparkling and chilled filtered water from your tap along with 100°C boiling, cold and hot water. Install a CUBE Chilled Water Filter Unit and turn your Quooker into a 5 in 1 tap!

The CUBE eliminates the need to buy plastic bottled water making it an environmentally wise choice. If you already own a Quooker tap or plan to install one, then the CUBE is a great addition to your Quooker collection.    

What Is The Quooker CUBE?

The CUBE is essentially a chilling and filtering unit that is compatible with Quooker taps. Connected to your Quooker tap the CUBE supplies chilled filtered and chilled sparking water. The unit sits in your kitchen cabinet beneath your kitchen sink.

Can I Add The CUBE To My Exisiting Quooker Tap?

It can be added to any Quooker tap and pro vaq tank produced from October 2017 onwards. You will need to check the serial number on your product to determine if it is compatible.

Pro Vaq tanks with a serial number that starts with VCW or CCW are compatible. You’ll find this number on a sticker situated on the pro vaq tank.

Quooker taps with a serial number that starts with QW0, QW1 and higher are compatible. You’ll find this code attached to a label on the cable of the tap.

What Is Required For Installation?

The CUBE requires a standard 13Amp plug socket. It requires 230V and has a wattage of 100W. It must be installed close to a cold water feed with the tank in an upright position for safe operation. Water pressure must be between a minium of 2 bar and up to a maximum of 4 bar.

It is only compatible with Quooker taps manufactured from October 2017.

Does The CUBE Need To Be Installed By A Quooker Engineer?

The CUBE does not have to be fitted by a Quooker engineer however, using a qualified plumber is recommended. A full installation manual is provided with the product, this must be followed carefully.

How Do The CUBE & Quooker Tap Work Tog?

The CUBE is plugged into a standard socket and also plumbed into a Quooker tap. A switch on the back of the CUBE chiller unit turns on the compresser unit which cools the water.

A Co2 canister is installed alongside the CUBE unit to provide sparkling water. A hollow fiber filter inside the CUBE removes any impurities and bacteria from the water to ensure fresh tasting water with each glass.

Once installed you can switch between cold filtered, sparkling water and boiling water with ease using the textured handle. A light ring will illuminate to indicate which water type is being dispensed.

Double tap and turn ~ Dispense boiling water ~ Solid red light

Single tap and turn ~ Dispense sparkling water ~ Flashing blue light

Single tap, hold and turn ~ Dispense chilled filtered water ~ Solid blue light

What Is The Benefit Of Having The CUBE?

If you regularly buy and drink bottled water then the CUBE is a great investment. Not just for your grocery bills but for the environment too as you’ll reduce the amount of plastic waste in your home.

Sparkling water produced via the Quooker Co2 cartridge costs just 29p per litre delivered. On average a bottle of sparkling mineral water costs around 90p per litre. That’s a saving of 61p for every litre you drink!

Delivering sparkling water on tap means each glass is fresh and full of bubbles. Bottled sparkling water often goes flat after opening, once flat it is thrown away, wasting water and money!

Quooker state a litre of filtered water from the CUBE costs just 3p, compared to 65p for the bottled equivalent. Another huge saving of 62p per litre.

Equipped with an active carbon filter and a hollow fibre filter the CUBE delivers exceptional quality water as bacteria, choride, chemicals and pesticides are removed from the water.

Can You Adjust The Temperature & Level Of Bubbles?

The temperature of the cooled water cannot be adjusted, nor can the intensity of the bubbles.

The temperature of the chilled filtered water will vary dependant on the ambient water temperature. Chilled water dispensed from the tap is around 5°C cooler than the ambient incoming water temperature.

How Long Do The Co2 Bottles Last?

A single Co2 bottle will provide up to 60 litres of cold sparkling water. When you notice less carbon dioxide in the water and the water flow slows down, it will be time to replace the canister. When no water is dispensed this means the canister is completely empty.

CUBE Co2 cylinders can be purchased directly from Quooker in a pack of four. This set provides 280 litres of sparkling water. The cylinders are owned by Quooker and must be returned once empty. The return shipment is free of charge.

You will receive one CO2 cyclinder as standard when you purchase the CUBE unit.

How Do I Know When The Filter Needs Changing?

The CUBE will sound a signal and emit a light when the filter needs replacing. The filter can process around 6000 litres of water. Once a year the filter must be changed for hygienic reasons.

Does The CUBE Need To Be Swithed Off When Not In Use?

If you plan to go away for two weeks or more it would be beneficial to switch off your Quooker CUBE. Upon your return, run water through both the sparkling function and chilled function for approximately 2 minutes each. Standby power consumption of the CUBE is 12W.

What Is The Size Of The Cube Tank?

The CUBE is 235mm wide, 440mm deep and 430mm high. An additional 65mm will need to be accounted for once the Co2 cylinder is mounted to the front or side of the CUBE tank.

Does The Cube Need To Be Registered If I Have Already Registerd My Quooker Tap?

Yes! Every Quooker product has its own serial number and therefore should be regisitered individually. You can register your CUBE by creating an account with Quooker. Ordering new filters and CO2 cyclinders can then be done easily via your new account.

The Quooker CUBE will be available to buy from us in August 2019.

We have a fantastic range of Quooker taps and accessories at Appliance House. Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team should you wish to discuss any of the products within the Quooker range.


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