The Chill Factor

Recently, more and more of my friends and acquaintances have all been having a certain flashy appliance added and worked into their new kitchen designs; I have to admit, every time I see one of these so called items, a small murmur of envy encroaches the pit of my stomach and I find myself thinking, how lovely it would be to have one. More importantly, I find myself wondering, how do they keep it full? I’m pretty sure that if I did have one, it would be empty, all of the time!

So have you guessed what it is yet? Of course, it’s a wine cooler. These little lovelies add RT-07---caplepanache and style to any kitchen environment and on top of this they are also functional.

The coolers I have come across have been integrated into top level cabinet spaces next to stainless steel American fridge freezers or built into a breakfast bar to create an almost cocktail bar like appeal within in easy reach of the garden.

But do they actually serve a purpose?

As well as keep your wine at the perfect quaffable temperature and looking pretty, wine coolers make excellent storage space and replace the standard wine rack with a flashy and fully functional appliance. No more, ‘filling a gap’ mentality.

Some coolers are able to store red wine at one temperature in one part and white wine in the other. Otherwise known as ‘Dual’ coolers. I have seen them full of wine, beer, coke, water and J20; some have lights, some have 5 shelves, others have ten, but one thing is for sure, there is a wine cooler for everyone and every budget.

As one friend said to me, “we weren’t going to have a wine cooler, but the reality is it saves us space, chills our drinks and always gives us a little flicker of excitement when we open up the door and serve a perfect glass of wine”. In essence, what more can you ask for? And in conclusion, yes, I am going to purchase one!

Alistair Ward

I've been at Appliance House since 2011 having worked in every role at the company.