Celebrate Cheesecake Day!

Today is National Cheesecake Day, in America anyway, so why not celebrate this ludicrously delicious dessert by enjoying a slice (or two). Wheather baked or chilled, containing fruit or chocolate, served on its own or with ice cream, Cheesecakes are the perfect way to end a meal. With a day specifically chosen to celebrate Cheesecake you now have an excuse to indulge your tastebuds and celebrate one of the worlds most enjoyed desserts.

CheesecakeA perfect cheesecake should contain a beautifully dense butter and biscuit base usually made from digestive biscuits, however, the new wave of cheesecakes have seen anything from ginger biscuits to Oreos used instead. The prefered height of the base is a contenious issue for many a kitchen table discussion. Some people like a thin base while others like half of the cake to be base. Then again the texture of the filling holds even greater importance, light as air or dense with a velvety texture. The texture must also compliment the flavour. Would you choose a classic vanilla filling or do you choose something more adventurous such as peanut butter, caramel or ginger. Lastly is the topping. Go for no topping and let the filling talk for itself, top with fresh fruit for a lighter finish, or a layer with flavoured jelly? The possibilities are endless, the flavour combinations limitless but your enjoyment guaranteed.

There’s so much to explore with a cheesecake, much more than other desserts, and enough to keep you coming back for more, time and again. So on this day, enjoy a small (or large) slice of your favourite cheesecake or push the boat out and try something new. Either way let us know if you liked it and why?

Alistair Ward

I've been at Appliance House since 2011 having worked in every role at the company.