Carron Phoenix, Dante Tri Pure, Water Filter Kitchen Tap | Review

With health experts suggesting you should drink 6 to 8 medium glasses of water a day in order to stay active and healthy, getting water that tastes nice is essential. If you are drinking this many glasses of water you’ll want water that is refreshing and tasty. The cheapest and most effective way of getting this is by installing a water filter tap in your kitchen. The Carron Phoenix Dante Tri Pure Water Filter Kitchen Tap is easy to install, simple to use and stylish.

The Dante Tri Pure kitchen tap features three levers, 2 side levers and a third placed in the centre of the body of the tap that operates the filtered water. While some may find a single or dual lever tap more attractive, the third lever creates simple usability, as you don’t have the confusion of having to remember which way to move the lever in order to get filtered water.

Included with the tap you receive all of the equipment needed for installation including the separate pipes, which direct the water from the water filter cartridge into the tap, and a water filter cartridge. The water filter cartridge removes chlorine, bacteria and particles that are bad for you. This leaves you with a glass of water that contains only healthy minerals. This filtration is done via the use of a double filtration system where the water travels through a filter of charcoal and ceramics that have been impregnated with grains of silver.

There are an array of water filter taps available on the market with a selection of different designs to complement a wide variety of kitchen styles. The Carron Phoenix Dante Tri Pure Water Filter Kitchen Tap, available in Chrome or Brushed Nickel, is flexible enough to be used in a modern kitchen, classic kitchen or a contemporary kitchen whilst still offering the modern capability of filtered water. Check it out yourself by CLICKING HERE.

Alistair Ward

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