Caple WMi2001 Built In Washing Machine in White | Review

Buying a Washing Machine, a must have appliance for any household in order to make life a whole lot easier, is very easy to get wrong. Buy a washing machine that doesn’t meet your needs, be it many programmes or just a few, and you’ll regret it. Having recognised this we’ve reviewed the Caple WMi2001 Built In Washing Machine that promises an array of settings and programmes designed to meet the needs of any household.

The Caple WMi2001 features 15 programmes to cover a broad spectrum of clothes and washing needs. These include standard programmes such as a 40/60/90°c Normal Wash as well as a Wool Wash and Pre-Wash for stubborn stains but where Caple have excelled is the range of specialised programmes designed to clean while also protecting your clothes. A 30°c Quick Wash is economically sound whilst still leaving clothes that only need freshening up perfectly clean and the Delicate washes range from cold to 30/40 and 60°c so items which require a gentle wash won’t be ruined. Your washing will also be aided because of Caple’s inclusion of extra options such as a Delay Timer allowing you to set the washing to come on when the electricity rates are lower, the Intensive Wash to remove ground in stains and the Anti-Crease option so ironing is quicker and easier.

The Caple WMi2001 Built In Washing Machine is simple to operate because of the LCD display showing spin speed, programme phase and other features, an extra large door making loading and unloading easier and push buttons. The washing machine comes with a 6kg wash capacity; 1100rpm maximum spin speed and has been installed with an Anti-Flood safety device, foam control and self-cleaning pump and filter so you can have peace of mind your Caple washing machine is running at its optimum at every wash. The Caple WMi2001 Washing Machine offers fantastic value for money and boasts an A+ energy rating making it one of Caple’s most energy efficient appliances aiding in reducing your utility bills.

Alistair Ward

I've been at Appliance House since 2011 having worked in every role at the company.