Caple, WI3115, Built In Wine Cooler | Review

The Caple WI3115 Built In Wine Cooler comes with an array of features specifically designed at keeping your wine at the correct temperature and atmosphere for a more improved flavour. Wheather you’re a wine connoisseur or someone that enjoys the odd bottle everynow and again, a wine cooler is a fantastic design addition to any kitchen.

Taken from the Caple classic range, the WI3115 wine cooler features an elegant Stainless Steel door frame with matching plinth grill. This wine cooler will perfectly match if you have other Stainless Steel kitchen appliances installed in your kitchen while creating a sleek and stylish theme throughout. Other wine coolers that feature a Black Glass front door can become a focal point that distracts away from the overall design. The main design benefit of a Stainless Steel wine cooler is that it can blend into your kitchen so the room will be not be overawed by such a small appliance.

The Caple WI3115 Built in Wine Cooler can hold up to 19 Bordeaux style wine bottles of 750ml. If you are wanting to store beer or other drinks cans then you are able to by replacing the standard shelves with the GSHELFPACK/300. These frosted glass shelves easily slot in and provide greater flexibility with storage for parties. Storing your wine and drinks cans in a wine cooler also frees up space in your fridge so you don’t have to have your wine taking up the room where your milk and orange juice should be.

Fantastic design can only go so far, the appliance must also do what it says it should. In this case the WI3115 really does store red and white wine in the correct atmosphere. When storing wine the slightest alteration in the atmosphere can lead to the bottle being undrinkable. Caple ensure the best atmosphere for your wine via the use of an electronic adjustable wine temperature that features a range of 5 to 18 degrees centigrade so you can alter the internal temperature to best suit your type of wine. Being electronically adjustable, temperature control is made much simpler while also providing greater accuracy. Meanwhile the addition of an LED display means you can check the temperature is correct at a glance.


Once set the temperature is controlled using the onboard no frost compressor cooling technology, while the humidity water tank gives you the option of increasing the humidity in the wine cooler in order to prevent oxydation and the wine turning into vinegar.

The Caple WI3115 Built in Wine Cooler is also vibration free. This is important as vibrations can speed up the aging process of the wine which over time can make it undrinkable.  By eliminating the vibrations in this Caple wine cooler you can be assured your wine will still taste as the producers intended months after you bought it. The appliance is also fitted with quiet operation technology that reduces the decibel noise level to 41dB(A), so the noise of the motor doesn’t drown out the rest of the house.

At only 30cm wide the Caple WI3115 Built in Wine Cooler will fit neatly into any kitchen and can be as bold or discreet as you wish it to look in your kitchen. To view more information on the Caple WI3115 wine cooler CLICK HERE.

Alistair Ward

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