Caple CM116 | Review

The Caple CM116 built in microwave comes with a 25 litre capacity, 1000 watt grill and operates at 900 watts, so is therefore fast and efficient enough for any household. The microwave is styled in mark resistant stainless steel with black glass, so always looks clean, contemporary and up to date.caple_cm116

This microwave has 5 different power levels. You can use this microwave in the usual way to heat up and cook your food quickly or you can use it in a grill capacity to cook sausages and bacon or to brown up cheesy toppings.

There is also an auto defrost option which means you don’t have to remember to take your food out from the freezer to defrost before you go to work or out for the day.

The Caple CM116 achieves an A rating for efficiency and features an auto cook menu with a digital display and proud controls which are great for anyone who doesn’t like flat digital buttons. It also has a minute minder to ensure you know that your food is nearly ready, plus an internal light so you can check that your food is not too hot and bubbling over.

We love that this microwave also comes with a built in child lock; parents and carers can be safe in the knowledge that little hands will find it more difficult to operate this microwave when they are out of the room.

We think the Caple CM116 built in microwave is a good option for anyone looking for an integrated microwave. It has enough functions and high cooking power to cover your everyday microwave requirements.

Alistair Ward

I've been at Appliance House since 2011 having worked in every role at the company.