Caple, CAFF40, American Style Fridge Freezer | Review

The Caple CAFF40 American Style Fridge Freezer is an impressive kitchen appliance not just to view but also to use. Available in a choice of Stainless Steel or Black, this freestanding fridge freezer will not look out of place in any style of kitchen. This fridge freezer comes complete with 4 doors, 2 side-by-side doors for the fridge compartment and 2 horizontal doors specifically designed to give a better user experience and greater storage.

In terms of storage, the CAFF40 fridge freezer features; 4 glass safety shelves with a spill-capture lip, 2 vegetable crisper bowls, a unique temperature controlled compartment allowing you to store food at a lower or higher temperature to that of the main fridge, and finally 8 spacious door racks. All of these provide 422litre fridge capacity and a 120litre freezer capacity which is more than enough storage space for a large family.

With the CAFF40 fridge freezer you don’t have to worry carrying out the most tedious and frustrating job in the kitchen, defrosting the freezer. Caple have fitted this appliance with a 3 dimensional air circulation system that, simply put, reduces the amount of frost and ice build up in the freezer. This equates to an improved performance and saves you time, as you don’t have the hassle of defrosting. The fridge section also features an air-cooled double refrigeration cycle that again prevents frost build up, helping to keep your food for longer. The inclusion of enhanced LED lighting throughout the Caple fridge freezer aims to replicate the sun in order to keep your food fresher for longer.

Simple usability is at the heart of the Caple CAFF40 American Style Fridge Freezer but also on the face as an LED touch control panel has been fitted to the front of the appliance. This allows you to control the appliance, fridge and freezer temperatures and other settings, all at the touch of your finger. The only thing you can’t control is the humidity setting that is operated on the inside of the machine that again preserves food for longer.

The Caple CAFF40 Fridge Freezer offers excellent storage, clever features specifically aimed at helping you reduce food spoilage, and a bold design which all combine to give a trustworthy and robust appliance.

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Alistair Ward

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