Caple C930i Induction Wok Hob | Review

Enjoy Authentic Asian Meals With The Caple C930i

With the Caple C930i not only will you be getting a specialised hob with a stunning design, you’ll be getting the most state of the art technology. Over the past 20 years there has been an explosion in the number of people recreating famous Chinese and Thai dishes such as a delicious stir fry and the one must have piece of kit has been the wok. This essential tool will help you create a perfect quick, tasty and healthy meal. To ensure your stir-fry is cooked whilst still enjoying a crunch you’ll need to get your wok as hot as it can get then add a dash of oil and away you go.

The Caple C930i Induction Wok Hob can only work with a Wok that features a ferrous metal base. This helps to create a magnetic force between the wok and the hob. The magnetic force heats the hob much quicker than a gas or standard electric hob making them much more energy efficient. With an induction hob you’ll enjoy wonderful meals much quicker because the special concave design of the hob means your wok will sit neatly in the well, so the heat from the induction hob will surround the entire surface of the wok, not just the base as is the case with gas hobs.

You’ll have complete control over the temperature at all times because the Caple C930i Induction Hob features 9 level digital power displays. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that the kids won’t hurt themselves because induction hobs cool down quicker than standard hobs and this Hob also features a Residual Heat Indicator and a Child Safety Lock. This hob is perfect for those that regularly cook Asian cuisine and as it’s a domino hop it will fit neatly at the end of a 4 zone hob, giving you greater flexibility when cooking.

Alistair Ward

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