Caple C5100 Lift Up Oven – Preview

Caple Introduce A Futuristic Lift Up Oven

As you know Caple only sell high quality products and with the new Caple Sense C5100 lift oven, it’s another product not to be missed in July. With a push of a button this oven rises up from the worktop becoming the main centrepiece in the kitchen. It is for this unique design and technology that the CP5100 lift up oven will certainly become a talking point in your kitchen.

This Caple Sense C5100 lift oven is to be installed underneath your worktop and raises so you can easily check on food, aided by 3 telescopic shelves. Safety is of the upmost importance and Caple have installed not just a residual heat indicator to warn when the oven top is still hot after cooking but also an anti-crush sensor system prevents fingers being broken when the oven is lowered.

The Caple Sense C5100 lift oven is provided with the latest technology, with a touch control panel allowing you to operate 13 functions including Pizza and Bread settings. Although the oven looks futuristic it is simple to operate and you’ll also enjoy a reduced energy bills because the oven is A rated Energy Efficiency.

Alistair Ward

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