Caple C2219 | Review

The Caple C2219 is an elegant built in electric single oven. It is glossy and slick to look at, and would complement a range of kitchen styles and fittings. It is black with a stainless steel control panel and has a stainless steel feature handle running the length of the door. The door itself is double glazed and has heat reflective glass, so it shouldn’t get too hot to the touch plus it has a magnetic door closing mechanism so is easy to shut tight.

Interestingly, this built in oven has a side opening door, a quirky and unusual feature. Usually most integrated ovens open by pulling the door down, yet this oven does it differently and we think this feature gives you great accessibility when putting in and more importantly taking out very hot dishes.

This energy rated Class A oven has a fan oven with 3 functions; light, fan heat and full grill so has a number of kitchen uses and importantly you are able to carry out closed door grilling so any smoke and smells are kept contained inside the oven. It also offers a turbo defrost function.

In true Caple style the programmable control panel is extremely easy to decipher and use, ensuring that anyone cooking in your kitchen will be able to understand what each symbol means and it can be fitted either under your worktop or in a tall housing unit. We think the Caple C2219 is attractive, efficient and practical and would make a great built in electric oven in any kitchen.

Alistair Ward

I've been at Appliance House since 2011 having worked in every role at the company.