Buying a new cooker hood? Don’t forget the motor

When you’re looking for a new downdraft cooker hood it’s important to remember you will also need to buy a motor to power the appliance.


The right motor will depend upon the position of the cooker hood in your kitchen. There are four main fitting positions:

• motors which sit within the carcase of your kitchen units
• motors for floor or ceiling installation
• motors which fit within your plinths
• motors which fit onto exterior walls.


When you buy a new downdraft cooker hood from Appliance House, you’ll see we’ve made it easy to select the right motor. Each downdraft cooker hood is shown with a variety of motor choices so you simply select the one which is right for your kitchen.

Take a look at our great range of Caple downdraft cooker hoods and pick the right motor at the same time.

If you need any help or advice, you can get in touch with our expert sales team on 0330 002 0229.

Alistair Ward

I've been at Appliance House since 2011 having worked in every role at the company.