Built In Ovens Buying Guide

Buying Guide – Built In Ovens


Ovens are an essential tool in the kitchen, ideal for creating a sumptuous meal or just a quick snack; every home needs the perfect oven to suits its needs. With different models, functions, styles and sizes on offer, choosing the right oven can be stressful and hard work. That’s why we have created this buying guide, to help you decide which oven is right for you.

Fuel Type


The first consideration you will have to make is what fuel type you currently use, gas or electric. In a gas oven, the top is the hottest part, the bottom the coolest and the middle is set at the temperature you will have selected. With an electric oven, there are many ways in which you can cook including conventional, fan assisted methods, steam and more, allowing for a reduced cooking time and a more even cook.

Size Up


Your next step will be to size up the area. Do this by measuring the Height, Width and Depth of the space. This will help determine the type of oven you can have either a double (2 cavities), single (1 cavity) and whether it’s best located in a tall housing unit, or Built under where the oven is fitted inside a base unit or underneath the worktop. Single Oven capacities are usually between 53/65 litres, whilst a double oven usually offers a large bottom cavity of 42/58 litres and another smaller top one of 33/53 litres.

What Will You Be Cooking?


Caple-C2219-Stainless-SteelHere at Appliance House we offer a wide variety of ovens suited to the occasional cook using the oven once in while, all the way to the aspiring chef creating inspiring dishes. Depending on where you fit in with that description you will want to explore the many different functions available in the ovens. A Conventional oven generates heat from the bottom to the top creating varied temperatures throughout, ideal for creating a perfect roast, however they don’t always produce an even cook and they do take a while to heat up. A Conventional oven will also feature a grill setting and perhaps just one or two other simple functions.

A Multifunction oven offers a wonderful array of up to 14 programmes, perfect for flexible cooking. Usual functions include fan assisted, which heats up the oven quickly and creates an even temperature throughout the whole oven, Top heat or Bottom heat only, fan assisted top and bottom cooking, Grill, Defrost, Rotisserie, Bread Baking and more.



To help make your life easier and help you clean off all the oil, fat and other food stuffs which become trapped on the lining of the of the oven, look out for the inclusion of self cleaning features such as Catalytic liners and Pyrolytic settings as well as Aqua Cleanse.

The Catalytic liners are fitted to the side, top and back of the oven, react to the high heat during cooking and burn off anything stuck to the liners. These can be replaced over time to ensure an efficient and effective clean.

A Pyrolytic oven offers the most comprehensive clean and once turned on, works by locking the oven door and heats the oven to around 500 oC, turning any burnt on food or oil to ash which can be then wiped away. This is a rather inexpensive way to clean the oven with a typical cycle lasting between 2-3 hours and costing approximately 50p.

However, for those that prefer to ensure the oven is spotless and cleaned to an exact standard, look for the AquaCleanse function which requires a bowl of water be placed at the bottom of the oven and left in to steam and loosen food which can them be cleaned off with a cloth.

Design & Features


After deciding on the luxury features finally decide on one of the many modern designs we have to offer from popular ands reliable manufacturers such as Indesit, Hotpoint, Caple,Gorenje-BOP8858AX-Stainless-Steel Gorenje and more. The designs vary on a range of different colours to help compliment your kitchen colour scheme and also feature many luxury and stylish extras which help to make for a better cooking experience. For a compact kitchen choose an oven with a slide away door, telescopic rails which hold when pulled out to make basting and turning food safer and easier, double, triple and quadruple glazing and heat reflective glass to ensure the heat stays focused on cooking the food and the exterior of the door is at a temperature safe for passersby – whilst also letting you view what’s cooking without opening the door and letting heat escape. The ovens also offer time saving features including a minute minder or electronic timer beeping after a countdown or a programme timer allowing you to set a start and end time when the oven will come on and off when it’s cooked.

Energy Saving


With the ever changing advice on helping the environment, you will want to be safe in the knowledge that your appliances are both quality and energy efficient, that is why we indicate the energy efficiency rating. The ratings range from an A+ (most efficient) to G (least efficient) and there is also an A-20% rating meaning an oven is 20% more energy efficient than grade As. Not only will you be helping to limit the effect of the environment but you’ll also be able to reduce your bills.

Now you know what you are looking for, you can see our collection of ovens by clicking the link or if you feel you need more advice please contact one of our knowledgeable sales team on 0844 576 5000 or email us on sales@blog.appliancehouse.co.uk

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