Best Built In Dishwashers For Large & Small Kitchens

Our selection of the best fully integrated dishwashers are packed with useful features to make cleaning your dirty dishes, effortless. These dishwashers have been chosen as they are energy efficient and quite simply do a great job at washing up! Our top picks also feature a couple of the quietest dishwashers available on the market too.

GV66260UK Gorenje Integrated Dishwashr

We know everyone’s requirements are different that is why we have included appliances suitable for all budgets. At under £270, the Indesit DIF04B1 is the lowest priced dishwasher that has made its way onto our dishwasher ‘Best Buy’ shortlist. You’ll discover fantastic slimline dishwashers from Caple and Hotpoint that have also made the cut. 

So if you’re tackling washing up for a large family or only need a dishwasher to handle small loads these five dishwashers have every option covered! Read on to find out which model will suit your needs the best.

Gorenje GV66260UK Built In Dishwasher.

The award winning Gorenje GV66260UK fully integrated dishwasher easily made it on the list! We’ve raved about this fabulous dishwasher in the past and for good reason. It is an excellent choice for families as it can cater for up to 16 place settings. It is an energy efficient choice too and has been awarded an outstanding A+++ energy rating plus it is super quiet when it is busy at work! 

Smartflex Adjustable Shleves - GV66260UK

Loading crockery and cutlery is easy, regardless of the size! This Smartflex Gorenje dishwasher has three, fully adjustable internal baskets. Fully foldable plate racks allow you to fit in large pots and pans with ease. 

Complete with five functions you will always have a suitable programme for your needs. The Gorenje GV66260UK features an intensive wash, eco setting, speed wash function, quick 20 minute programme and also an automatic programme where sensors adjust your cycle to clean dishes perfectly. The automatic cycle optimises water and energy consumption. 

If you’re looking for a dishwasher that is capable of taking care of extra-large loads in an efficient manner then this model is hard to beat.

Cost- Around £500.

For a full review on this product please read our blog review; Gorenje GV66260UK Dishwasher Receives Which Best Buy Award. It is a very informative read as it covers everything you need to know about this excellent dishwasher. 

Which Best Buy Dishwasher - Gorenje

Whirlpool WIO3033DEL Fully Integrated Dishwasher.

The WIO3033DEL Supreme Clean Dishwasher is an outstanding appliance, so much so that there was never any doubt this model would not make it onto our top five list of the best integrated dishwashers! 

It is one of the quietest dishwashers available on the market operating at a very low 43 dB(A) With an impressive A+++ energy rating this top of the range dishwasher is also one of the most energy efficient too. 

Packed with innovative technology for faultless cleaning and drying results, the Whirlpool WIO 3033 DEL built in dishwasher features 6th Sense technology and a unique PowerDry system. 6th Sense automatically adjusts the water pressure and running times to suit the load reducing water consumption and running times substantially. The clever PowerDry system extracts the steam at the end of the cycle, leaving plastics completely dry and glasses sparkling, in just one hour. 

Energy Saving Dishwasher - Whirlpool

Thanks to a delay start function the dishwasher can be programmed to start at a time most suitable for, allowing you to take advantage of low cost energy tariffs! You can also use the half load programme to optimize water and power consumption when you do not have a full load. 

Loading this Whirlpool dishwasher is a dream! An adjustable basket system and top mounted cutlery tray makes loading and unloading for up to 14 place settings as simple as possible. 

If you want an effortless loading system, immaculate cleaning results and an ultra quiet appliance, look no further than the Whirlpool WIO3033DEL dishwasher.

Cost; Around £469.

Indesit DIF04B1 Built In Dishwasher.

The A+ energy rated Indesit DIF04B1 fully integrated dishwasher truly is excellent value for money. It may not be packed with as much tech as other models but it has everything you need to care for your crockery, pots, pans and cutlery. 

Designed to integrate seamlessly with your kitchen furniture the Indesit DIF04B1 dishwasher has enough space for up to 13 place settings. With a choice of 5 programmes you’ll find just the right cycle to deal with the job in hand. Programmes include a normal setting, two energy efficient eco cycles, a pre wash programme and for heavily soiled dishes the intensive 65°C setting is the perfect choice. 

Internally it comes with a standard cutlery basket and adjustable upper basket. This is ideal when loading larger than average items as you have the option to move the top basket up to accommodate the load. 

The reasonably priced Indesit DIF04B1 dishwasher is an ideal choice for families who require a dishwasher that does a great job, for less! 

Cost; Around £270.

Caple DI481 Fully Integrated Slimline Dishwasher.

The Caple DI481 fully integrated dishwasher may be slimline but this appliance has everything you could possibly need to deal with the washing up! It has been awarded a WhichUK best buy award and received 5 stars for its superb drying performance. With 5 cycles to choose from, you’ll find options for a rapid 40°C  wash through to an intensive 65°C wash and everything inbetween!

It has sufficient space for up to 9 place settings and an adjustable upper basket makes it easy to load varying sized items and plates up to 30cm in diameter. It features a timer that allows you to delay the start time of your wash by 3, 6 or 9 hours. Using this function you can time your wash to finish just in time for dinner, leaving crockery clean, warm and ready to go without the need to warm plates before serving food.

The Di481 fully integrated dishwasher is an excellent choice for any kitchen, especially if space is limited. At 450mm wide this slimline appliance has an A rating for both wash class and drying performance. It also boasts an A++ energy rating.

The Caple DI481 is a great dishwasher choice for use in small kitchens. A top rated, energy efficient performer!

Cost; Around £390.

Hotpoint HSIO3T223WCEUK Slimline Dishwasher.

The Hotpoint Ultima HSIO3T223WCEUK Slimline Dishwasher cleans dishes to a high standard, very quietly! Operating at just 43dB(A) it is so quiet you’ll barely hear it when it is on!

At just 450mm wide this small dishwasher still provides plenty of room for up to 10 place settings! Using 3D zone wash you can tailor the cycle to your needs. You can choose 40% more energy efficiency or opt to use an intense wash with 40% more cleaning power. With flexible performance options like this it is little wonder the Hotpoint HSIO 3T223 WCE UK compact dishwasher has an exceptional A++ energy rating.

Complete with height adjustable baskets, a dedicated cutlery tray and foldable plate spikes, loading dirty crockery and cutlery into this appliance is easy. Simply fold down the plate spikes in the lower basket to customise the space inside to suit your needs. This feature is ideal for loading large pots and pans.

With 10 programmes on offer you’ll always find a cycle suitable for your load. If you’re hosting a dinner party and need to wash and re-use your dining set for the next course then the Express25 programme is a great speedy feature. It creates sparkling results in just 25 minutes! The most energy efficient cycle is the Eco cycle. Opt for the Eco programme when you wish to clean normal soiled items using very little energy and water consumption! Once the appliance has completed its cycle an orange light projects on the floor.

The Hotpoint Ultima HSIO3T223WCEUK Dishwasher is quiet, packed full of tech and provides plenty of internal space. Perfect anyone who wants the convenience of a quality dishwasher without compromising on space!

Cost; Around £379.

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