AEG, PE4512-M, Built in Coffee Maker | Review

“Life is a beautiful and endless journey in search of the perfect cup.” – Barbara A.Daniels

Every great day starts with the beautiful aroma of a freshly brewed coffee. As you start your day the sweet floral and earthy notes waft through the kitchen to give you a sudden jolt when you need it most. While many of us will make do with a standard cup of instant coffee, those with a built in coffee machine can really begin to enjoy the true wonders of coffee.  With the AEG PR4512-M Built in Coffee Maker you will not be limited to just a fantastic coffee but also the choice of an espresso, latte, cappuccino and Americano, all at your fingertips.

AEG PE4512-M Coffee MakerA fully automated coffee machine is a luxury for many but an essential appliance in any coffee lovers kitchen. While coffee machines may seem complicated compared to just a kettle, the AEG PE4512-M Coffee Maker is easy to use.  The electronic touch controls and the pre-programmed settings make choosing the amount and type of coffee you want quick and simple. From an espresso to a full mug, you can set the amount of coffee you want, providing excellent choice and quality taste for each cup.

The complex smell of coffee can not be fully appreciated using the freeze dried form, but rather by experiencing the crema that is only created with an authentic Italian coffee. A crema is the natural oil from the freshly ground coffee that settles on the very top of the liquid, giving off a delicious taste and even better flavour. As the AEG PE4512-M Coffee Maker uses and grinds fresh coffee beans you can begin to enjoy the delights of a perfect crema and that unique coffee flavour.

In terms of design, the AEG PE4512-M features a Stainless Steel surround fascia, black interior, and black touch control panel. Those looking to match appliances will be happy to note this coffee machine will match with both Stainless Steel or Black appliances. The touch control panel also features a Sensor to indicate when the 1.8litre water tank requires refilling and the used coffee needs emptying. The panel also displays the time.

AEG PE4512-M Built in Coffee MachineRefilling the coffee beans is made simple enough as the coffee machine is situated on a set of telescopic runners so you can pull the machine out to a safe distance and pour the beans in to the grinder. Refilling the water is also simple, just flip the cover on the front facing unit, pull out the water tank, refill and replace. The water tank also generates the steam for the steam spout that can be used to froth milk so you can enjoy a cappuccino, latte or even a hot chocolate.

“The powers of a man’s mind are directly proportioned to the quantity of coffee he drinks.”
― James Mackintosh

Anyone that has enjoyed a coffee first thing in the morning will know that this is true and with the AEG PE4512-M Built in Coffee Maker you will enjoy the type of coffee that a pod coffee machine or cafetieres just can’t.

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