Abode AB1070 Serenitie 5 Piece Bath Filler with Shower Diverter | Review

The Abode AB1070 Bath Filler with Shower Diverter is the accumulation of Abode’s mantra of combining beautiful designs, modern influences and quality manufacturing. This 5 piece bathroom set is the shining example of the Serenitie range, using what Abode describe as “smooth shapes” to produce a stunning tap which will grace any bathroom.

Abode are famous for producing stunning kitchen taps that grab the imagination of the household and standout in the kitchen rather than being ‘just another tap’. Their range of bathroom taps and showers carry on that tradition with the intention not just to be a working fitting but a showpiece. The Abode AB1070 features separate hot and cold handles with a swan neck spout, mixer and extendable shower spray. Each of these 5 pieces have been finished in Chrome and do offer a calm and relaxed ambience whilst producing high quality performance. The spout ensures the running water flows freely creating a waterfall-style effect while the extendable shower spray offers flexibility for those with not enough room to install a separate shower. The Abode AB1070 Serenitie 5 piece Bath Filler with Shower Diverter requires a minimum 1.0 bar pressure so will work effectively on low pressure systems.

Alistair Ward

I've been at Appliance House since 2011 having worked in every role at the company.